Solved Why dosn't my new RAM work?

January 16, 2015 at 23:05:00
Specs: Windows 7
I have an Alienware Aurora R2 Desktop (Yes, it's a bit old) and this site helped me with a previous problem, so I'm hoping it can help me with this one. I've recently purchased the Kingstonr HyperX 16GB Ram (2x8gb) with a 1600MHz, but it isn't working. I remove the old ram, which had been running at 1333MHz (4GB [2x2] as was it's limit) but it dosn't work, I get to the screen with the alienhead where it loads up my OS (the screen you hit f2 on to get to bios) and the loading bar freezes about 1/5th of the way, and remains like that forever. I can't go to the bios screen, or the boot options, or anything. I need to hold down the power button to reboot, and switch out the RAM. I looked around quite a bit, and I found on several websites that Kingston was a good brand for Alienware Desktops when it comes to RAM, and that I should be using 1600 MHz. After searching my BIOS for perhaps a way to manually shift the speed up to 1600 for my new RAM, (which I could find) I found a screen that mentioned a maximum speed of 1332Hz (orMHz, whichever one is appropriate) for ports two and four, so I'm assuming it's the same thing for 1 and 3. Does this mean I need to get 16gb RAM that runs at 1333? Or am I doing something wrong elsewhere? I'd like some sort of answer before I try to exchange my purchase for something else...again.

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January 16, 2015 at 23:30:21
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Are you sure that your motherboard supports 8GB modules? I would go to and scan your sytem to see what configurations ares compatible.

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January 16, 2015 at 23:34:46
Seems you're correct. =( I went back in my BIOS and found a few mistakes I made. those 1333Hz maximums were about the memory chips in the slots, and how much the RAM sticks themselves could handle, not the motherboard.

I went to and it seems the only upgrades compatible with my memory are, indeed, 4GB sticks. So it would seem if I want 16 gigs, I'd need to get 4 x 4GB sticks.

I did manage to boot to BIOS with only one of the 8GB sticks inside, that's how I found out about the Hz max thing with the slots, but it still wouldn't boot up normally. I do beleive you're correct, and it seems I'll need to make another exchange!

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