why cant i install 3mobile internet on win 98

Microsoft Windows 98
April 4, 2010 at 12:33:54
Specs: Windows Vista
hi, i was given an old packard bell desktop and
it has windows 98 already installed, im trying
to install 3 mobile internet but its not letting
me do it... it is detecting new hardware but in
drop down list it dosnt have the the name of
the broadband provider, so i cant install it, im
not up in the comp world so i dont really know
what im doing, can anyone help me please..
im tearing my hair out!!!! many thanx..

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April 4, 2010 at 13:55:14
I looked at the 3 mobile web site and I found no evidence that the software supports being installed on ME and below - 2000 and up, yes.

Win 98 has no built in support for recognizing the USB device you're plugging in. It doesn't have built in support for recognizing a lot of other USB devices as well, such as flash drives.
There are generic USB drivers available you can load, but that won't help if the software can't work in Win 98, and that won't likely help 98 recognize the USB adapter.

Which Win 98 do you have ? The original version, or 98SE ? There's even less support for devices for the original Win 98.

If you're not sure, RIGHT click on My Computer, Properties - whether it's Win 98 or 98 Second Edition is shown on the first screen you see.

Do you have other computers you could connect the 98 computer to via a router or network switch box or hub in a local network, that have 2000 or above installed on them? If so, you could share the internet connection the other computer(s) has (have) with the 98 computer over the network - if they don't have an internet connection you could install the 3 mobile USB adapter on another computer that has 2000 or above and then share the internet connection over the network on the 98 computer.

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April 4, 2010 at 14:09:03
For it to report "Found New Hardware" this implies you plugged something in somewhere. It is what you plugged in that is probably unsuitable for W98 (or requires software, if available).

If you have suitable hardware Win 98 can be made to link with any server provided you put the right things in the account boxes.

What's the time?

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