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June 3, 2016 at 03:28:55
Specs: Windows 10
Also a noobie question from my other one as sometime in the future I will be making the last few upgrades to my comptuer, the MB and the CPU etc.

What do I look for in a Computer Case? Anything specific? Because so far, all I can think of is going by what has the most reviews, the best reviews for it, and most of all which influences it the most...what case I think looks like it is the shiniest, coolest, most sexy wonderful woman ( case ) in the entire world that I have ever seen, nor ever will see in my entire life and if I can't have her my life will be completely meaningless and to say. I took a quick look at Computer cases on Newegg and these ones are all looking like the one how I mentioned above, but I am just going by looks right now lol.

Here are the sexy ladies I am looking at...just going by looks alone in "CASE" are interested. My, basically top 10 that I think looks the coolest.







My presumed favorite so far I think.




If you did go through all of these that I think look neat. What are your opinions if you have any on any of them?

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June 3, 2016 at 05:06:08
First of all, liquid cooling is not necessary. I would not even consider $249 for a case. I was always against bottom mount cases until i finally built a system with one. The key, IMO, is top and rear fans. NO side mounted fans. Front fan is not needed and may actually inhibit airflow. Full tower cases are always nice for both the room and the extra airflow. Watch for long enough power supply leads when using a bottom mount case.

Fans should be 120MM or larger. My case is similar to

Front USB ports are a must, IMO.

Your second link isn't working for me.

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June 3, 2016 at 09:34:24
You like the glowy ones, eh? I'm not sure where you're going to put this PC, but if it's a place that people are going to sleep, keep in mind you'll basically be adding a bright colored nightlight.

For the record, I have an older version of this case, and it's worked out fairly well for me. One front fan, one rear fan, both low noise. Side panels are sturdy, thumb screws and tool-less all over the place, enough room for a low-noise CPU cooling system, and a cable run area behind the system board tray.

The front cover can get in the way, but it only blocks the external drive bays. My front cover isn't dual mountable, so I don't know reliable the hinges would be. Also, I'm not sure if the PSU needs its own cooling path, but that decision and the bottom mounting means your PC will die if you put it on a carpet.

Wow, this turned into an advertisement, didn't it?

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June 3, 2016 at 13:34:28
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1st of all, stop getting advice from youtube (referencing your other post).

2nd, why waste $100's of dollars on a "box" that does absolutely nothing to improve system performance? OK, I realize it's your money & you can spend it anyway you want, but wouldn't it make more sense to have the proper memory configuration than a girlie looking case? The original HP case is fine.

OtheHill & I are pretty much in agreement about case design, watercooling & case fans. Personally, I would never purchase a case with the power supply mounted at the bottom. This is what I have for my main PC:

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June 4, 2016 at 00:22:33
@riider - I get you. This would only be the last thing I ever buy after everything else is up to speed. I don't need the best of everything, Just something that is a lot better than what I got since my computer is really old. I have gone my entire life since I was 13, back when Windows 98 and AOL dominated my life. If you knew the fraction of the headache I had to endure of Using Gateway Goback 10 times a day for two years just to make the computer function well enough to do the most rudementery work such as checking an email, you would f---ing know why I want to upgrade this computer so badly and not just the hardware, but every aspect of it. Case included. I never, EVER want to go through that pain a third time. My other computer had almost worst problems when it got more than 3 years old. Now this computer is starting to show its age and I need to get rid of those problems fast, which means new graphics and ram which I did, my Fraying 50ft Ethernet I use to get my computer upstairs (I'm in a basement...not my mothers lol) to my router that I will replace in two years or so, ram, chair, desk, everything needs to go before it gets too old and starts causing me problems. The things that are left are my sound card which will be last, my cpu and the motherboard and case, the case is so I have have something glowy and shinny in my room because I like Glowy shiny things....because I am a complete tool.

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June 4, 2016 at 06:45:10
"my computer is really old"

Huh? Is this the same computer you asked about in your other post? 6-core FX-series CPU, AMD 970 based board, 28GB RAM, Radeon R9 280? That is NOT an old computer. And the problems you've described are very likely user related, not hardware related. I can only guess that you have crappy commercial AV protection, don't practice routine maintenance (ccleaner, defrag, etc), don't manage your startup apps, don't regularly blow the dust out of the heatsinks & fans, etc, etc. I would have warned you to stay away from Windows 10 too, but I see you already jumped off that cliff. I will never install that abomination on any of my computers. I plan on riding out Win7 as long as possible & from there I'll likely convert my systems over to Linux.

"The things that are left are my sound card which will be last, my cpu and the motherboard and case, the case is so I have have something glowy and shinny in my room because I like Glowy shiny things....because I am a complete tool"

I'm glad you said saved me from having to do so, lol.

I'm also a Harley guy & I see the same things happen in the biker crowd as well. Maybe you've heard the saying "chrome don't get you home"? There are guys that will literally spend 1000s of dollars on chrome accessories to make their bikes look pretty but don't invest a thing to improve performance. I do the opposite. My bike is 33 yrs old & it looks almost completely stock. But I've had the cylinders bored, installed larger pistons, ported & polished the heads, upgraded the cams, upgraded to a modified CV carb, replaced the ignition system, modified the exhaust, changed the gearing, etc, etc. Other than the machining, I do all the wrench work myself.

I hate to see people waste money on stupid sh!t that does absolutely nothing to improve performance, & then complain when doesn't run well because they "invested" their money in bling rather than actual upgrades. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

Here's my advice - if you're gonna do it, do it right. If your master plan is to try to turn your HP ENVY into a kickazz gamer, I suggest to stop right now. Remove all the upgrades you installed, return it to it's store bought state (original PSU, original graphics, etc), then either sell it or keep as a 2ndary system. Then build yourself a system from the ground up. Believe me, you do NOT need to buy top of the line hardware to get top of the line performance. The trick is to get the right board/CPU combination along with the right RAM, decent graphics, & a reliable PSU to power it all. Despite this advice & the advice from others, I have a feeling you're going to go with a glowy case with tons on fans, PSU mounted on the bottom rather than the top, watercooling, an unnecessary sound card, etc. Regardless, we are willing to help you to make the best hardware choices to build the best system possible for the least amount of can invest the savings in bling. Here'a few ideas for you:

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