what steps do I take after HP dv6700z new mot

March 2, 2011 at 21:16:19
Specs: Windows vista Home Premium, AMD Athlon 64x2Dual Core TK-57 1.90GHz
I am installing a new upgraded NVidia chip motherboard #443774-001 with an heat sink #431449-001 that is recommended for this motherboard. Hard drive is 120GB 5400RPM SATA drive; with a superMulti 8x DVD+/-R/RW with multilayer support DVD. 15.4" diagonal WXGA High Def HP Brightview widescreen display(1280x800). Has 2GB DDR2 sysytem mem(2 Dimm). Will the motherboard & bios on the board auto start & recognize all devices on its own when I turn the laptop on or will I need to use some other steps?

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March 2, 2011 at 21:49:07

Did you say you are changing out a motherboard in a laptop and substituting a different model? How is that even possible?

If it is, then NO, if you are using the original HP version of Vista the computer may not boot at all. Your version of Vista is a limited license version that is keyed to the original motherboard model.

If you have installed a full version of Vista then you may get lucky and just need to install the new drivers, or you may need to perform a repair install.

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March 3, 2011 at 07:50:11
THX for the reply.
Do you think it will boot with the vista home premium disc that came with the original purchase that recovers it to the original way it was setup?
or should I just install xp which I prefer rather than troublesome vista. I have the original xp home addition disc with a legal key.

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March 3, 2011 at 08:33:39
You are not reading my response. I answered one of your last questions above. You did not answer my question about the motherboard. Is this a laptop? Is it a different than original board? Did you modify the case to accommodate it?

If you have a SATA hard drive then WinXP can be problematic but not impossible. Also, XP drivers may not be available.

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March 3, 2011 at 09:23:18
Sorry. Yes it is a laptop and the board is the same as the original but has a different # because it has the upgraded NVidia chip and is a new factory board to replace the old faulty boards that originally came with the 6000 series of laptops. The # is different because of the upgrade.
These original boards had the NVidia chips that released from the boards and caused problems for many users according to the blogs I've looked at.

I have not installed the board yet. Just trying to get a heads up so I know what to do before I turn on the laptop so continuous reboot doesn't occur again. and yes I have a SATA 120GB drive.

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March 3, 2011 at 09:29:03
Well, if this is an authorized replacement for the original board then IF the Vista recovery disks will not work I suggest you contact HP and have them fix the problem.

Did you pay for the motherboard?

You are better off staying with Vista. Just update to the latest service pack and updates available after installation.

You should probably update the nVidia drivers, even if they install off the original disks.

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March 3, 2011 at 11:20:49
THX for your help & suggestions. I'll let you know how it works out.

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March 3, 2011 at 12:09:32
Search using: dv6700z
Many possible Product numbers

Go here:
Scroll down a bit.
Look for the similar label on the outside of your computer.
Quote the Product number - that's on the third line.

Search using: 443774-001

443774-001 System board (motherboard) for Pavilion dv6000 series - Full-featured, with web camera support

When I click on

Click Here to see the list of HP Products that Part Number 443774-001 is used in.

dv6700z is not listed.

If you have the Recovery disk(s) that came with the dv6700z....

- either......

- the first disk is a Windows Re-installation disk - it installs only the operating system. The files that it has are probably exactly the same as the ones with the same name on a regular OS disk, except that some of the OEM.* files have different internal content unique to your brand name model series. You have to supply the Product Key that's on the Microsoft label on the outside of the computer case. Near the end of Setup, when it looks for a connection to the internet, if it doesn't find one, then you are not asked if you want to Activate Windows now, and if you do have the computer hooked up so it can connect to the internet, you need to install network adapters that were not included on the OS disk after Setup has finished, before you can access the internet and Activate Windows.
When Setup is finished, you install drivers for your model that Windows did not install automatically, and, optionally, applications (programs) that are on other disks, or that you have obtained from the brand name's web site in the downloads for your specific model.

- Or - the Recovery disk or disk set is a huge archive file that was custom made by HP for your model series, that installs everything that was originally installed on the whole hard drive initially, including a second partition and the data on it if that applies, with very little input needed from you. If there is more than one disk, the first disk prompts you to insert the second disk when it has finished loading, etc.. When the disk or disk set has finished loading, Windows is probably already Activated and a Product Key has probably already been supplied that is different from the one on the Microsoft label on the outside of the computer case.

Both types of Recovery disks or disk sets will refuse to install on any computer except the brand name models that have a suitable brand name bios version and one of the mboard models it was intended for.

Since the 443774-001 mboard info says......:

" System board (motherboard) for Pavilion dv6000 series...."

.....the Recovery disk or disk set MIGHT install Windows or all of the original software installation fine.

"I have a SATA 120GB drive."

If you are able to boot from the first Recovery disk (or a regular or a regular OEM Microsoft Windows disk) fine, it loads the initial files fine, but it does not find your SATA drive, that's because the disk has no built in SATA drive controller drivers for your mboard and in that case it can't detect SATA drives by default.

The easiest way to get around that is....

Go into the bios Setup and find the setting for the SATA drive controller mode. I can't tell you what it is specifically, but whatever it is presently set to SATA or AHCI mode, it's changeable, and at least one other choice is an IDE compatible mode of some sort - e.g. IDE, ATA, Compatible, PATA, EIDE, etc. .
Set the bios to the IDE compatible mode, Save bios settings, then the disk WILL detect SATA drives when you boot from it, as IDE compatible drives.

After Setup has finished, after you have loaded the drivers for your specific model including the main chipset drivers and the SATA drive controller drives, then you can go back into the bios and set the SATA drive controller mode back to SATA or AHCI, whatever it was.

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September 10, 2011 at 15:32:06
I just performed a mobo replacement using the mobo part # 443774-001 you mention in your post. First--'thanks' for giving me the replacement heatsink pn--you don't know how many people on eBay are selling these boards as replacements, without helping the buyer any more by giving them even that heatsink pn#.
Many of the eBay mobo sellers are 'throwing in' a copper shim to mate better with their old heatsink(?), so I wondered if anyone was having any luck using the old fan units (improper screw placement, so I kindof hope 'not), just using the copper shim?
So, here's your answers, in total, since you helped me:
1) Yes--in this 'special' situation, they really do fit as replacements, inside some other laptops of the same series--a rarity, if you're a tech.
2) These boards do NOT have HDMI connectors on them, so you (or your customer) loses that with the replacement.
3) I experienced another issue in migrating the wireless card from my customer's laptop to this new board--of course, it would 'fit', but immediately reported the wireless card was 'incompatible'. Yay, luckily, I 'carry' quite spares (from similar previous experiences)...
4) Fan unit fits, but won't clamp down over the most important processor--that GPU, which I let my customer go with running at 163F(!!!), but only until we get him that replacement fan heatsink unit (thanks again), and I'd do that replacement at no extra cost.
5) The shim. The original blue foam POS (sorry gentle readers) is the hardware equivalent of a Trojan horse, but more like the manufacturer did it to themselves! Who comes up with design ideas like this? ('okay, boss? I calculated we can save almost $100 in a run of 10,000 laptops if we put a piece of foam in between the hottest processor & the only thing saving this family's house from burning down.')
"YES! Great idea! Kid, you're going places with that kind of market-savvy! Call the design team right away. By the way, I'm needing somebody to strangle some puppies next Saturday--can I count on you?"
But, enough sarcasm...
6) The BSOD. This board has enough 'different' chips on it (sizing, location, ratings), to cause it to BSOD if you try it with the old hard drive and OS--which, in my case, also made the recovery partition useless, because the system had been good, and recovery just puts the old chipset drivers right back on it (one major difference was that this board, which is older, has the Nvidia Go 6200 chipset, while the previous board, however dead, had the 7200, making the HP site's automated driver detection system fail as well--even after I just recovered it 'the other way' (as per mentioned previously on this page)...ok? (and you'll likely have to phone M$'s automated system to register it, like I did)...
alrighty then...
it wasn't pure hell--but that's because I was ready for this...the customer had ordered his own replacement board, and I just had to deal...so did they, by paying me extra to perform the recovery, not to mention the wireless card, finding this PN (thanks again)...
It's unpleasant, but it works, and hopefully much cooler once properly cooled...
And I'll tell you just like I did my customer:
"Don't game with it until you replace that fan with the proper one"
Thanks again!

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