What Motherboard to get?

Microlink / Mlatabl1
August 13, 2011 at 14:42:10
Specs: Windows 7 Home Premium, 1.864 GHz / 4000 MB
Hello , could you guys help me pick out a decent Motherboard ?
I need a better CPU for it , right now . For gaming purpouses.
Can you guys show it in Newegg as example and give a decent CPU example too ?:P
Dont want intel cause it cant Overclock so good as others ( I've heard that ) .
Ask anything you need.

My computer right now has

Motherboard : Intel Isleton D946GZIS

Ram : 4GB

OS : Windows 7 64-bit

Video card : PCI-E , R4670 , 1024Mb DDR3.

Processor/CPU : (this is why im worried) Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz 1.86GHz ( i wrote it down from Control panel / System.

All the best

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August 13, 2011 at 16:48:22
You do NOT need a new CPU. Just get rid of the crappy Intel motherboard & get a board that IS overclockable. You've already been told this in another thread & several boards were suggested. Newegg is of little or no use to you because you're not in the US.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P

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August 13, 2011 at 21:15:28
With the great board mickliq recommended above you can overclock the CPU you have very easily, you just need to learn quite a bit more (read, read, read), and then ask us for additional recommendations on settings.
Now you have:
Freq.266.6 X 7 (multiplier) = 1.86GHz
266.6x4= 1066FSB
266.6x2= 533DDR2 memory speed (unless different multiplier/ratio)

You could easily achieve:
Freq. 333.3 x 7 = 2.33GHz
333.3x4= 1333FSB
333.3x2= 667DDR2 memory speed (if your memory will run at this setting)

In theory you should be able (depending on speed and quality of your memory and some other components) to run it at:
400.0 x 7 =2.80GHz
400.0 x 4 = 1600FSB
400.0 x 2 = 800MHz DDR2
(but do this only with good quality 800MHz DDR2 memory and start with a lowered multiplier at first like 400 x 5 or 6 at first)

There are other settings you will need to learn when you are ready like
PCIe locked at 100MHz
PCI locked at 66MHz
SpeedStep disabled as well as EIST
At those highest settings you will need to learn about intelligent core voltage adjusting. You will need monitoring programs like CPU-Z and SpeedFan and you will need to stress test your results with Prime95 or similar.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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August 14, 2011 at 03:01:59
But how do i know that the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
Motherboard will work for my computer`?

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August 14, 2011 at 05:44:22
It will BE the new center of your computer, you just need to make sure all is compatible with IT. Your CPU will work with it. Your power supply will work if it has both a 24pin connector and a 4 pin connector. Your graphics card will work if it is a PCIe based card. Your memory SHOULD work if it is DDR2 but you should check it is is on the compatibility list on their website. You WILL need to reinstall your operating system. You WILL need to download all of the motherboard drivers (you CAN use the included disk but I personally prefer the latest versions available on their website). This is a good board, I have two of their boards, one is their p43 version of the exact same board as this p45 (everyone was out of that one when I needed one for a new build, I would have preferred the P45 though) and it works great. I have Core 2 E8200 running at 3.2GHz on that board right now that has been rock solid since the day I built it.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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