What is wrong with my laptop?

Hewlett-packard / 15-ba079dx
September 4, 2019 at 10:37:22
Specs: Windows 10, AMD A10
A few weeks ago, I accidentally spilled my soda on my laptop and it got into the components through the mouse pad. I was able to get it fixed and dried and everything seemed fine that is until just recently. The other day I was watching a movie on my laptop and without warning it froze then went white but not enough to make the movie disappear completely. I turned it off then turned it back on to double check something. But once I turned it back on it was fine. Wasn't sure what just happened, I put it on sleep mode and just did something else. But today, I decided to play a game while keeping watch for anything suspicious when suddenly it started to freeze and it went white again but this time it didn't completely freeze and after a few seconds it went back to normal. I read online that it could be a hard drive problem but I feel like there be a lot of other things wrong with it other than just the screen and I have no other problems with my laptop other than the screen glitching out. Is there still a chance I can save my laptop or should I start looking for a new laptop?

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September 4, 2019 at 11:08:02
Once liquids (outside of maybe absolutely pure water) are spilled in a laptop, it'd nearly be impossible to guarantee all the contaminants could be cleaned out. That's why they put little red crosshatch dots in the inside of a cellphone (to make sure it hasn't been in contact with liquids). My vote would be to save up some cash and look for a new machine you can depend on...

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September 4, 2019 at 11:19:56
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Keep using it until the laptop fails entirely then buy a new one.

It's worth a shot asking a local repairshop if they can repair it tho, do tell him your budget(so they can repair it without having to call you first, saves both of you time) and also tell him basically everything in your post.

if he needs to replace the motherboard, well yikes :)

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September 4, 2019 at 20:55:38
Sometimes (if you are handy) you can open the machine and using a high quality rubbing alcohol and Q-Tios, clean every surface, especially circuit boards, contacts, etc. You can also clean the contacts on the memory and similar contacts with a soft pencil eraser, remove the dust and pop then in and out of their sockets 4-5 times.
There is no guaranty that this will help and it is time consuming so doing it yourself would ensure the time was put into it with patience and save you the money.

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