What is tthis BIOS

Asus M4a78 plus am3 cpu
July 10, 2009 at 23:44:21
Specs: Windows XP Home
I just finished building my custom computer and I had re-used the Hard drive from my compaq because I did not want to lose all the Data and now it will not boot right. It will go to the Asus screebn that says to press delete for setup and tab for post. tab doesnt work on delete does. Then it will say Express Gate is not installed. Then it will go to the windows error page that gives you the option to go to safe mode and command prompt etc. I don't know what to do I was very careful in setting it up and I made sure and triple checked it all was connected correctly. what's going on?

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July 11, 2009 at 00:15:01
You cannot transplant an XP operating system harddrive out of one system ( Particularly a name-brand OEM product) into a different hardware environment and expect it to boot. XP ties itself to the hardware it was installed on.

If you have a full XP Installation CD you may be able to perform a repair install to correct your problem and allow you to keep the original drive and all it's installed progs intact.

My personal recommendation would be to take the old drive out. Put a new clean drive in and do a fresh installation of an operating system. Then after you get it running, put the old drive in as a slave and transfer any files you want. You will have to reinstall any programs as they will probably not run from the slave drive.

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