Solved WD2.0 drive has failed

January 15, 2014 at 09:47:10
Specs: Windows 7
I have a Smartstor D4600 (4-WD2.0tb) & when I added a new computer the 03 drive failed. The whole RAID SYSTEM is about a year old. Do I have warranty service available for the drive? I have bought a replacement but I would like to get the bad one repaired for a spare. What would be the cost involved in repair? Please reply. Thanks . . . John (Granbury, TX)

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January 15, 2014 at 11:09:18
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mmm warranty periods are minefield at times…

If you buy a drive yourself - it wasn't included/installed in anything - just a basic drive - you get one type of (limited) warranty.

If its part of something WD (in this case) create/sold often its another type of warranty..
If you buy something from a third-party vendor with WD drives installed… it gets even more confusing…

goes into the varied warranty situations from WD…

However… This site for the Smartstor D4600

in the specifications may be of more interest… Note the warranty information…

If yours is less than two years old.. perhaps you are in luck - but as before it depends on whether or not you bought it with the drives included/installed or not? Regardless won't hurt to contact Promise and/or whoever you boought your Smartstore from?

Incidentally there are various grades (colours) for WD drives… and for any server/RAID system I'd advocate going the the heavier duty drives/colour… As they are designed to be left on for extended periods.

Most WD drives people buy are not intended to be left powered/running etc 24x7… But the heavy duty drives are… They do cost a wee bit more though - but I wouldn't say cripplingly so…

Also even though you have a RAID system.. wise to have an actual backup of the RAID contents too - to a stand-alone drive; and one that is regularly updated, but perhaps otherwise left powered down… Having lost a drive recently in a mirrored system I was lucky that the remaining drive was OK. And was able to rebuild the mirror in due time. However I did NOT have a backup of it at the time, and - pending some assistance from QNAPS Support to resolve an access problem that happened at the time - I was unable to access the remaining drive. Had I had a backup I would have been fine while the QNAPs was being re-enabled… So I would strongly encourage you to have a backup of you RAID system too...

While there are those "out there" who might be able to repair a failed HD… if it has failed in terms of platters, heads, even the on-board electronics; I wouldn't bother going there… But do pursue the possibilities re' a warranty.

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