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August 6, 2010 at 15:28:18
Specs: Windows 7
My WD External Drive became useless when I bought a computer with Vista as the OS. Now that I have completed the Windows 7 upgrade when I plug it in I get no action or recognition of the drive being plugged in. The light is on so I know it is not a power issue and I do hear a very low volume clicking sound from inside the device but nothing else - help? I am desperate to get the info off of it!!

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August 6, 2010 at 16:53:12
If you have not dropped it, there's probably nothing wrong with the hard drive physically, or the external enclosure - something else is not right.

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See Response 1:

Check that out first.

Rarely, not all the ports on the back of a desktop case may be able to supply 500ma each.

If you have a desktop computer, Note that I answered a Topic on this site recently where a guy had an external drive, which does require the full 500ma, connected to a port on the back of a desktop case - it would not work properly when a webcam was in the port next to it, but it worked fine when the webcam was unplugged. Ports on the back of a desktop case often have two ports connected to the same USB controller module that are ports one above the other - you could try connecting the cable to one of those and leaving the other un-used.

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