virtual ram modules

Intel / Model : d850gb
September 1, 2009 at 14:53:30
Specs: Windows XP Home
i tried to get ram for my gateway, i have four sticks of ram but they are small amounts only two of them register at 128MBs. the other two it tells me there are no modules in place. i look for the right kind of ram but the slots on the modules and motherboard are different, there are two slots both about either side of the centerline 2 little slots in the center of the module.
Manufacturer : Gateway
Model : E-4600
Version : 4000762
Serial Number : 0025791348
ID : 941D6F18-D51161E1-30001DAE-251E00D3

System Chassis
Manufacturer : Gateway
Type : Desktop
Can be locked : No
Version : NSC11C04
Serial Number : 0025791348

Manufacturer : Intel Corporation
Multi-Processor (MP) Support : No
Model : D850GB
Version : AAA49507-904
Serial Number : ABGB14800923
BIOS : 51-2300-000000-00101111-030199-

System Memory Controller
Location : Mainboard
Error Correction Capability : ECC
Number of Memory Slots : 4
Maximum Installable Memory : 2GB
RIMM1 - J7J1 : RIMM RAMBUS 128MB/16 @ 400MHz
RIMM2 - J7J2 : RIMM RAMBUS 128MB/16 @ 400MHz
RIMM3 - J8J1 : Empty
RIMM4 - J8J2 : Empty

Model : Intel 82850 Host-Hub Interface Bridge Device (A2)
Revision : A3
Bus : Intel AGTL+
Front Side Bus Speed : 4x 100MHz (400MHz)
Maximum FSB Speed : 4x 100MHz (400MHz)
Width : 64-bit
I/O Queue Depth : 8 request(s)
Maximum Bus Bandwidth : 3.13GB/s
Maximum Power : 7.00W

Chipset 1 Hub Interface
Type : Hub-Interface
Version : 1.00
Number of Ports : 1
Width : 8-bit
Full Duplex : Yes
Multiplier : 2x

Logical/Chipset Memory Banks
Bank 0 : 128MB RDRAM RIMM 8/9
Bank 1 : 128MB RDRAM RIMM 8/9
Maximum Installable Memory : 2GB
Supported Memory Types : ECC RDRAM RIMM
Channels : 2
Memory Bus Speed : 2x 400MHz (800MHz)
Maximum Memory Speed : 2x 400MHz (800MHz)
Multiplier : 4x
Width : 16-bit
Refresh Rate : 1.95┬Ás
Power Save Mode : No
Fixed Hole Present : No

So can you tell me what kind of ram to buy where & what about the ram slots that are not registering can i only put 512MBs of ram in each slot or can i put one Gigabyte in two of the slots? It says I can only have 2GBs total?

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September 1, 2009 at 15:24:11
Your system uses RDRAM (aka Rambus). RDRAM must always be installed in matched pairs & ALL memory slots must be filled at ALL times. The 2 sticks that aren't registering are probably "continuity sticks" which are used to make up for the fact that you only have 2 sticks of real memory.

You either need to buy 4 sticks of 512MB PC800 RDRAM, or just two sticks of 512MB of the same type that you already have. RDRAM is NOT cheap...2GB (4 x 512MB) will cost over $250:

BTW, here's your system manual:

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September 2, 2009 at 14:28:33
Thank you so much for this information.. perhaps this is why I thought I got such a good deal on the machine? (ha). they sure got me.. This info. is priceless thanks again...


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