Video cards keep over heating

Ecs / G31t-m
January 11, 2010 at 15:24:16
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 2.394 GHz / 2047 MB
Hi I have gone through three video cards. Here is how it all started. i wanted to upgrade my video card and bought a nvidia 220. I could not get that card to work. Everytime I loaded the drivers it would blue screen right after the windows logo. Now only having a 300 watt ps I decided to buy a new one it was a bfg 400 watt. Now the fan instead of being on the back is inside the case blowing air directly on the video card. i replaced the 220 with a 9400 gt. The fan stopped working after a month and it would overheat and stop displaying video. I got another 9400 and the same result. I put a box fan on top of my pc and it runs fine except with games like left four dead and call of duty modern warfare. Things that take lots of graphice. The video card stops responding. anything else older games run fine with the box fan. My guess is that my cards are overheating due to the fan blowing hot air on them from the power supply. Also my case fan went out. Am I one the right track or do you think it could be the mobo. I also updated my chipset doing trouble shooting with the 220.
also when I put my 8500 back in it totaly died will not work it took again about a month for it to happen

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January 11, 2010 at 17:01:12
The GT220 isn't a great card but it depends on what you're upgrading from. It's definitely better than integrated video, but then again, just about any card is better than integrated. The 9400GT is noticeably slower than the GT 220...the 8500GT isn't a very good card either. If you wanna be able to play games & play them well, you're gonna have to better. How much have you spent so far on 3-4 low end/crappy cards?

The 1st sentence on the conclusions page says it all:

"There’s really no way to sugar-coat this, so we won’t: the performance of the GT 220 is abysmal. Or rather, the pricing is."

"only having a 300 watt ps I decided to buy a new one it was a bfg 400 watt"

The GT 220 has very low power requirements so it's possible the power supply upgrade was unnecessary. According to the following, it's rated at just 40 watts:,...

Even if the PSU upgrade was necessary, you could have done better. The Corsair 400W with 30A on the +12v rail would have been a good choice.

BFG doesn't even list a 400W PSU on their site.

"My guess is that my cards are overheating due to the fan blowing hot air on them from the power supply"

Are you running a hardware monitoring program? If you are, what's the GPU temperature? If you're not monitoring the temps, how can you possibly know if the cards are overheating? Power supply fans do NOT blow air into the case, they suck air out of the case, so your theory about overheating due to the PSU is incorrect.

I'm not sure what the cause of your problem is, but I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

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January 11, 2010 at 18:22:21
all I know is that air flow changed alot. and since all fans except the cpu fan seem to quit working it seems to me to point to airflow. also to fit the power supply inside the case I had to remove the top fan of the case
I also know that if I take the fan away off the top of my pc it will shut down or rather the video card stops responding on the desktop
also I am unemployed and don't have much money to fix this problem which is why I am asking for input and suggestions. Simply answering you are barking up the wrong tree doesn't help

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January 11, 2010 at 18:26:30
ok just checked with a piece of paper and the power supply is sucking air into itself. so the air has no place to go but in the power supply
and you are right it is a 550 watt power supply gx series

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January 12, 2010 at 07:31:05
I made a few comments & asked several didn't address any of them & focused on the "wrong tree" remark.

Power supplies do NOT introduce air into the case, they pull air out of the case & exhaust it out the rear. If your video card is overheating (which I highly doubt), it is NOT due to the PSU fan. You're not working with high end gaming cards that consume lots of power & put out lots of heat...the cards you've mentioned (8500GT, 9400GT & GT 220) are all very low end. I don't know if you bothered to read any of the links I supplied, but here's a clip from another article about the GT 220 & cooling:

"A low-wattage PSU will suffice perfectly. There should also be no cooling-related issues. With power consumption like this, the GeForce 210 and GeForce GT 220 can do along with passive coolers even."

Your whole overheating theory is purely a guess. The chances of 3-4 different video cards overheating are slim, therefore chances are extremely good that GPU overheating is NOT the problem. It could be a different hardware issue or could be software/driver issue. Get yourself a software program & check the GPU temp. Try nvidia's nTune software or GPUZ:

Other than that, have you checked the CPU temp in the BIOS? Are you running default BIOS settings or did you tweak the settings to best match your hardware? Did you disable the onboard video? Did you configure the memory settings according to the RAM manufacturers specs or do you have the settings on AUTO? Have you matched the RAM speed to the CPU FSB? Have you tested the RAM with memtest86? Are you running the latest available chipset & graphics drivers?

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January 14, 2010 at 04:38:35
Can anyone with some helpful idea post instead of some guy that wants to knock my choices in videos cards because ia m unemployed and haven't had any income since July. Please somebody else. Oh and guy if you read the performence in nvida vs ati you will find most of the time nvidia is faster in multiple applications because if you bench mark nvidia inside and while running multiple apps that is the way it goes. If you aren't going to listen then don't post anymore. You see the fans on 3 video cards go out first. That tells me that they are burning themselves out by either trying to cool the gpu or that it is a voltage issue from the motherboard. I am looking for alternate theories not a whole bunch of lame links to things i already know about if you can't help stop posting cause your not helping. I am already running that crappy nvidia program but already got a new video card fan and running it in a different case seems to be working fine. But seriously dude stop trying to help cause your not. Anyone else ?
If you read original post I believe I said I upgraded the chipset drivers and card drivers. Also I hate overclocking so everything is set to manufactured specs. and it isn't the ram becuase or bus speed at all. It is either the case airflow has changed or the motherboard socket. I know it is the frieking video card. It isn't a guess cause let me explain. the 8500 totaly blew up will not work. If I put in the 9400 and leave it with out a fan it stops responding. If I put in a new card it runs for a month or 2 weeks and I have then has the same problem gpu fan stops. Card dies. I cool the gpu by adding a box fan on top runs almost fine. If it was the frieking ram or anything else you suggested it would also die without the fan when I put a new video card in and wouldn't run fine UNTIL the gpu fan quits. So back to the original question is it airflow has changed from adding a new ps is the ps somehow faulty or is the slot on the mobo bad?

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January 14, 2010 at 10:38:47
Again, how do you know the gpu is overheating? What are the temps? What is the cpu temp?

As jam said, none of the cards you mention do enough work to run very hot. Your issue may be overheating but, your focus on gpu's is leading you away from the real problem.

This also has nothing to do with you being unemployed; your computer doesn't know that.


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January 14, 2010 at 12:52:11
Thats what I am trying to ask is why are the gpu's overheating. Damn how many times do I have to say it. You don;t always need diagnostics here is how I know the gpu's are over heating. The very first card that went out I replaced it ran for 2 months just fine then I started getting the no video input on the monitor. I could hear sound move and fire in the game. If I replaced the video card and it was the cpu it would have broke still not ran fine without the fan. Is that clear enough? The cpu as far as I know when that fan is not working the cpu overheats not the gpu. If it was anything but the gpu over heating it could not have ran fine for 2 frieking months with out some signs of instability. Is that good enough it is simple logic! If the ram was bad it would have also not been able to run fine. I would have not been able to play games blind navigate the desktop and work with a blank screen. The only thing that makes sense is that the video card was not sending a signal. Now I know they are overheating because of being able to put the fan on them and have it run fine except when running left 4 dead or call of duty and have it work fine at the desktop. Ok so lets recap card worked fine for two months no problem. Fan makes system run fine at desktop. without fan no video signal. That is overheating of something. I mean why else would a fan make a difference. Really come on guys. and that is my frieken question what do you think is making the gpus overheat. I can only come up with airflow since I had to remove one case fan to put in the power supply. Also the other fan stopped working. So we have 2 down fans and the change in the air flow of the ps fan. Or my other theory is has to be a mobo issue with the slot. Also my point about being unemployed was that that information was not important and didn't need to be explained to me because it has nothing to do with my problem. Was not relivant so i don't want to hear about it. Are you guys really at all reading what I am posting? Are you just skimming? In all my years of tech support I have never been told to look at parts that have nothing to do with the problem. Also again I know the video cards or slot is the problem because my 8400 totaly fried. It had garbaled letters at the bios screen and when it went passed windows just colors. Did a few reboots put in my 9400 turned on fan everything was fine. If it was the ram cpu that was overheating when it broke it would not have worked when I put in a different card period end of story. so we know that they are overheating because there is no other possible sypmtom given the evidence. So again question what is causing them to overheat or fry. Which is what I am trying to find out. It isn't a question of is it over heating it is overheating. Running the nvidia pure crap and stress testing it didn't do anything(Probably because I had the fan on it) again it could not have ran fine if something else was overheating. Has to be air flow mobo or power supply voltage issue. The ram is on a completely different bridge. and not going to effect the video card at all. if the cpu was overheatin i would have seen something else during the two months that it worked fine after the first video card.

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January 14, 2010 at 16:57:08
Oh hey you both are you so sorry. I forgot fans are just there for decoration. I mean I should have guessed that the three cards despite the fact that the three cards all had the fan go out that it was just for decoration I mean who would have thought that? I took my fan off my cpu and it runs just fine forget about fans they are a waste of time. no more will I buy anything with a fan since it just wastes money. i will from no one only buy video cards without fans since so many companies make them without them. I mean really a fan stops working and how do I know they are overheating? Your right I don't because fans are just cheap decoration. I never knew it was a windows problem all along. Windows was just messing with my password protection and once I changed the settings it totaly fixed everything thanks for your help
Yes not really rofl
How do I know they are over heating I don't know maybe I need a fancy program to tell me that if my cpu fan isn't working and my pc keeps shutting down that it might be overheating or maybe I should test the ram. Hey does anyone know if I crawl inside an oven and turn it on that I might get burnt or is heat not a factor?

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January 14, 2010 at 19:25:30
Apparently we have a lot to learn...


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January 15, 2010 at 00:07:28
No not really. My question is why are the fans stopping why are they malfunctioning answer because the fans stop they cease to function.

You all are like hey how do you know they are over heating? Well gee why do you think i know that? If the issue only happens once the fans stop working they but the cards work fine until the fans stop working ummmm gee what do you think.

So I am asking why do you think my fans stop working? You tell me things like that isn't the problem or how do you know it is overheating and telling me they aren't overheating that isn't a symptom. The memory has nothing to do with the fact that the fans stop working which causes the issue.

Again asking why do you think the fans stop working? Do you maybe think the fans stop working cause the cards to overheat because thats really funny that the fans stop working then the system has problems. I mean three video cards worth of the fans stop working? And I find it funny that none of you know or have brought up the fact that the 9400's are famous for having fan issues.

Logic is really simple here fans quit working system craps out. So I am asking why do you think that the fans are crapping out and I have to put a fan on my pc to get it to work.?

I know that the gpu fan issue is a symptom of a problem. Thats what I am asking what do you think is causing the frieking video cards to mess up if you have an idea please present a logical explination.

Don't tell me it is windows or my hard drive because that makes no sense. I already reformatted windows is out. If the problem is in the bios well then upgrading didn't fix it and it isn't a setting I can see then cause been there checked it.

All I am getting bent out of shape about is you guys seem to be thinking that the video cards aren't over heating and that the fans aren't going out. I am frieking watching them go out with my own two eyes! The problem happens I reboot with the card in the case and the fan isn't working on the gpu anymore! By the third card I was checking the fan often on the gpu. Once it stopped spinning my 8500 blew. and I am hearing you say that isn't a symptom of a problem?Really?

Let me put it this way. If my pc's cpu fan went out and I said my pc keeps crashing you would say replace the fan. If the fan went out again and the problem that went away came back you would think either replace the fan again bad luck or you have some kind of other issue. So I replace the fan again pc runs just fine again but the fan goes out. We might start looking at what is causing the fan to go out which is a symptom of another problem like the mother board or power supply possibly airflow. We wouldn't waste time saying how do you know your cpu is over heating? We would be looking for the cause of why is the fan cpu overheating.

That is all I am asking. What do you think is causing the cards to overheat? I am not looking at that as the problem otherwise i would go by a new video card for the 4th time.

What I am hearing is we don't believe you that the video cards are going out check this check this. I have been doing tech support for a while now I know the cards are over heating because the gpu fan quits I can take the card replace the gpu fan and it works until the fan stops. Tell me why that is happening

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January 25, 2010 at 21:42:51
Look you moron, you have done nothing to prove to us that your GPU's are overheating.

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January 26, 2010 at 04:55:13
like a moron you didn't believe me I took it to a pc store and guess what they told me it was an airflow problem and that my gpu's were overheating new case problem solved thanks for being a dumbass though and not understanding pc's at all. I mean what did you all just start being a tech this month?

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January 26, 2010 at 09:22:44
I've been building & repairing PC's for over 15 yrs & if you care to look at my profile, I've participated in over 22,000 posts in all my years here at CN. You don't last that long in any forum by being a "dumbass". See the gold, silver & bronze medals? Those have to be earned. You've participated in how many threads so far? A dozen or so? Most of the advice you've given out so far is either bad or just out & out wrong. A guy has 88% free space & you tell him he needs to buy another hard drive? How dumb is that? You told another guy not to buy a 9400GT because they overheat? Really, I thought poor airflow in the case was the cause of your overheating problems? Hmmmm. You told someone else his $500 gaming computer was only worth $100? And you've also suggested formating & reinstalling Windows as a way to fix an obvious hardware problem. I'm a dumbass? Look in the mirror.

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January 26, 2010 at 14:37:52
Oh well lol your rewards mean crap. if a guys hard drive is full and he doesn't want to lose data he needs more space. Why not get an extra hard drive it is what i would do. I mean it is real simple. If you don't have enough space in your house you either need to through stuff away or get extra storage space. Not a hard decision disk clean up gets rid of a few megs most of the time and thats about it it is useless almost anymore. Only someone who hasn't got up with the times would use it it is old school thinking.

As far as the 9400 gt's having a fan problem that knowledge comes from diagnosing 500 pc's a month. I know their is an issue with the fans thats why when one went out and then the second fan stopped totally working I was still wondering so I put in my old known good 8500 gt after that blew I knew I had an air flow a port problem or something else going on. As far as that being a 500 dollar computer not really I can buy a quad core for that amount.
ok 599. and I could customize one that would beat his for less.

Also I can not believe you have been trouble shooting for 15 years. No one doing pc repair for that long once a gpu fan totaly dies would be asking how do you know it is over heating? Ofcourse it is over heating the fan doesn't work um duh.

As far as the windows 98 pc are you sure that is hard ware how would you know? The usb ports run on a seperate bridge. the floppy disk connects to a different port incase you didn't know that which is on the same bridge as his cd rom and also his hard drive and his floppy uses a seperate cable. so it is most likely not his cd rom or floppy or his cable. would be the bridge but he is still getting data from his hard drive and it doesn't explain the usb ports. Still could be something inside the hardware but if he is going to chuck it why not suggest a last ditch effort to reformat from the partition if he has one? Makes sense to me. I mean if we are going to through it out then we might as well try every possible soloution even if we think it isn't going to work.

I would never let any of you trouble shoot my turkey baster even. I do get your point about diagnostics they have helped me numerous time but often hardware is bad and it still passes. So that being said i don't run to those first. If possible if I think it is the ram I reseat ram try different ram configurations if it is a consistant problem that occurs frequently. If not then diagnostics and checking windowls logs may help.

All you guys could come up with is how do you know your gpu is overheating? Why don't you go inside your case and try to unplug stop or just totaly take it off your video card then go try to play crysis rofl.

I mean did you not get that my gpu fan totaly stopped spinning doesn't work anymore at all then I have issues? And if you really understand that and still have to ask but how do you know your video cards are over heating your retarded.

I do realize this isn't a commen issue I know what it sounds like hard to believe someone would go through three gpu's but not to someone with real tech support experince. I suggested three different things that could cause it that are probable.

How many did you all suggest that weren't total guesses? All you could say is but how do you know it's overheating one of the dumbest questions you could ask rofl. I mean if my fan wasn't totaly stopped your point would be valid.

So none of you could come up with anything but I am the idiot rofl? If your so good how come you couldn't suggest a single thing and all you wanted to do was argue about wether the gpu was actually over heating. Post things that had nothing to do with the actual problem and just argue? Not one of you were helpful and a bad idea is better then no idea.

I even asked my 6 year old nephew who I show things about pc's to. I said phil what happens if my gpu fan stops.

he said it won't work

I asked why won't it work.

stops thinks for a minute because that means that it will get hot.

rofl a 6year old knows more then you all

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January 26, 2010 at 16:22:42
"that knowledge comes from diagnosing 500 pc's a month"

Yeah, right. You diagnose 500 PC's a month? How is it that you do that kind of volume when you're unemployed? You must have one hell of a side business! And if you're doing that well, how is it that you can't afford to buy decent hardware? And if you're such a diagnosis king, why did you have to take you own PC to a "pc store" to find out that it had "an airflow problem"? Hell, all you had to do was ask your 6 yr old nephew. And being that you have all this diagnostic experience from looking at 500 PC's a month (one PC every 20 min, 25 per day, 5 days a week), how is it that you thought power supplies blow hot air into the case?

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January 26, 2010 at 19:57:19
idiot that was my last job. and really have you nothing better to do?
oh and by the way just for your info i know a few more things you don't
1 500 gig seagate hard drives have an issue that fries the board and makes the pc hang at the bos screen commen issue.

hemitite motherboards are crap people are going through those like once a year.

I never claimed to be the king there are some areas I can learn more about but atleast i know a gpu needs a fan rofl. I took it to the store to have the mobo slot tested for the video card as i don't have the right equitment for that nor is their reliable software to test for the correct volatge going to the slot. You need special equitment for that. You don't even seem to know that a slot can go bad and cause cards to short out over and over again or act improperly. It can be any slot a cpu slot a pci-e slot a ram slot a pci slot or the card can go bad and take out the connector to where a card gets enough of a connection to work for a while but then it fails. I used to actualy make motherboards physicaly. I know more then most people about how the work. and how a circuit board can be up to 105 layers last time I checked of paper thin copper layers. how they use x rays to get the print oon them and why they fail .

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January 27, 2010 at 12:44:41
What in the livin' hell are you talking about?


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