Video card crashed system went blank

August 14, 2011 at 07:47:41
Specs: Windows XP, 2.41 GHz
Video card crashed (according to windows) (its a Radeon HD2400 PRO) told me to unistall and re-install to fix problem. I unistalled, however, it won't let me re-install it. I get th emessage that I am NOT the system adminstrator so setup will abort. When trying to run the new hardware wizard it tells me that it can't find the auto run file on the disk (even when I just ran it by going to the file, however when I type that directory in during the new hardware wizard its "not found". The computer goes blank several times (sometimes stays running, sometimes goes to sleep mode but will never wake up) never shuts down just the screen goes blank). A heat sink had broke off (or came loose, the keeper busted off the board) fixed that but still the problem remains. Did virus and spyware check but nothing. Sometimes the video stays up for hours and sometimes its not up long enough for the computer to fully boot up. Its a Compaq Presario with a AMD Athlon 64 processor everythng else seems to work ? I am at a lose where to go. Could it be the power supply ?

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August 14, 2011 at 08:18:45
You should be looking at nothing but the video card. There wasn't a software problem until you created one & it's very unlikely there's a problem with the power supply.

Heatsinks don't just "come loose", so you or someone else must have been messing with the card to cause that to happen. If the heatsink actually separated from the GPU core, all the old thermal material needs to be completely removed, a fresh dab of thermal paste needs to be applied, then the heatsink needs to be securely re-attached to the card. And all this needs to be done correctly or the card will overheat.

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August 14, 2011 at 13:01:03
The computer went blank on me the other day and took off the back and found the heat sink laying on video card (it goes to one of the cpu's) The heat sink had the thermal paste on it, we replaced it at radio shack(after we cleaned it and applied new paste), they also fixed the spring that held the heatsink on (spring attached to a loop of tin on the mother board, the loop broke, fixed it with a bread tie). I don't think this is the main cpu, that one has a heat sink or radiator thing and a fan on top of it. I am thinking it is the video card, however, why would it not allow me adminstrator rights to re-install the software ? It seems like it won't recognize me or the card. Did virus and spyware check nothing.... I am dreading a system restore. Is there any program that can check the power supply while I am running and keep a log ? I have spped fan installed so I can see the speeds and temps when operating what are the usuall voltages for Vcpu and Vcc ? I am running 3.00 on the Vcpu and 3.33 on the Vcc. I did take the power supply out, opened it and blow off the dust, nothing seemed wrong and the capacitors looked fine and the fan is running. Its an older compac desktop but it works great until now. How hard would it be to install a new mother board ? The intall I can handle what to look for (to make it similar to the old one is my problem). Thanks in advance !

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