vhs to a 30 chnl tv

March 29, 2009 at 12:10:33
Specs: cable tv
I have cable connected to a VHS VCR and the out to an old 30 channel tv. I could get all of the channels, but somehow i deprogrammed it. What to do?

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March 29, 2009 at 13:02:59
Your Topic is not related to computers at all.

You could READ the MANUAL(s) for the VCR and/or the TV.

If the VCR has two coax connectors, the TV one, then the TV tuners on both can be used, one at atime, and both will yield all the channels.

Connect the coax cable to the coax connection IN on the VCR, and a short coax cable from the VCR coax connection OUT to the coax connection on the TV .

The TV must be on a certain channel, often 3 or 4, in order for the VCR to display on the TV.

Switch off the VCR when you aren't using it so the picture on the TV will look better.

If the VCR has only one coax connector,

- then only the VCR tuner will yield you all the channels when the VCR is connected.

If the VCR has ONE coax connector, the TV one, the TV also has an RCA female video jack (yellow) and two RCA female audio jacks (red and white), connect the coax cable to the VCR, and use 3 RCA male on both ends cables to connect video OUT and audio OUT from the VCR to the video and audio IN jacks on the TV , select a video source other than the TV tuner on the TV, and use the VCR remote, or the buttons for the VCR on a combo remote in VCR mode, to change channels.

- OR - if the VCR has only one coax connector, you could use a simple coax 2 (or more) to 1 splitter box to twin the incoming cable signal and two additional short coax cables to connect to both the TV and the VCR coax connections, and be able to select all channels on both, one at a time, but you may need to use the RCA connections and the video mode other than the tuner on the TV as well.

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March 29, 2009 at 19:16:56
Make sure your cable/antenna switch is in the correct position. Do a channel search. If cable, make sure you've paid your cable bill.

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