Very Strange HD volume access problem

May 7, 2012 at 01:28:50
Specs: Windows 7
I cannot explain what happened. I format 3Tb hard drive in GPT partition with one volume of 3Tb.
I do same for another hard drive and bring them in some foreign country at friend's place.
I buy a new usb HD dock and connect the drives on my friend's windows 7 notebook. It found both disks and volumes, but volumes as shown as "not initialized" even the disk manager support GPT partitions.
Desesperate, I reformat one of the 2 disk in MBR partition with a volume of 2Tb and put datas on it.
I come back home after long flight by plane. Now I can access again my GPT partition which I could not access on my friend's windows 7 notebook ... and the partition I made on the other disk in MBR could not be recognized by my windows 7 computer, it shows valid "256 Gb RAW partition" and 2 others not assigned partitions of 1792 Gb and 746Gb. So it seems that my 2Tb partitions has been splitted in one 256Gb ...
How is it possible ? is it a problem with the usb docking system who cannot access more than 256Gb ? I don't think so since the HD dock is uptodate ...
How can I retrieve the datas on the MBR partition ?
Please I want to understand how that's possible ... @_@;

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May 7, 2012 at 05:36:19
You've supplied zero info about the HDDs, the notebook, or dock. Why did you use GPT? If your friend's notebook is running Win7 32-bit, that's why it wouldn't recognize your drives. Also, some docks have a HDD capacity limitation.

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May 13, 2012 at 00:39:11
Thanks for answer
a whole 3Tb volume cannot be created on MBR partition it's why I use GPT.
All windows 7 support GPT and my friend's one too, I don't boot on that disk so what is the relation with win-32 ?
I said Dock HDD capacity limitation is what it seems to be. The HD dock is very new high tech dock which use/support USB3, I cannot believe it limit capacity at only 256Gb (it's like to return back 15 years before)

It's a very strange problem that no one seems to be able to explain v_v;
Do you know some tools to check MBR structure informations on a RAW volume to watch out the problem ?
I really want to understand what's happen, please help

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