Very confusing bios in respect to the southbridge

Gigabyte Ga-990fxa-ud3 am3+ atx
July 22, 2013 at 11:54:44
Specs: Windows 64, 4 core AM3+/16G DDR3 1600
The confusion is in regards to the way the bios reads with the cmos at default. It seems the south bridge is the workhorse on this board, when in the end I believe from research, I won't even be using it's drivers. My question is basic, but not easily explained on this board, which sata device to connect to which port. The configuration I would like if possible is single boot senario. 64 bit 7 home premium on a Corsair Neutron GTX SATA 3 ssd @ 240G, 2nd drive for data folders to relieve ssd duty further with a Western Digital Velociraptor 600G, and back everything up to a third drive Western Digital Caviar Black 1T. Add LG DVD ROM. All internal. No need or want for raid, external storeage, nor network storage. Am I dreaming, or is this feaseable. I have no data to risk, can wipe any or all drives and cmos values to a hearts content if this is possible with this board.
Seems funny, but with a ssd configuration plus using the audio driver of my Graphics card and possibly making the machine wirless, I think I have relieved the driver disk of all duties, but Google Chrome. I am also a fan of the comprompt quick format and align pre install with no desire to upgrade. Board v1.1

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July 22, 2013 at 13:05:08
I cant understand what you are getting at.

You need to install the chip-set drivers. You need them for the internal hard disks to work correctly. The chip-set drivers all control the USB, SMB bus, the PCI bus, the memory and address buses and a multitude of other things. Just look under System Devices in the device manger. All those devices need a driver and the chip-set driver provides them. The CMOS stores configuration details for those drivers. Once the CMOS is configured, there is no need or reason to wipe the CMOS memory unless there is an error or you change the hardware.

The south bridge is the main input/output path to the outside world and even if you do install a graphics card or a network card with its own drivers, they still need the south bridge to communicate with the CPU and memory buses and you need the chip-set driver to make it work properly..


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July 22, 2013 at 15:59:39
Setup the SSD 1st without the other HDDs connected. Installl Windows, all the device drivers, run Windows update, etc. Make sure Windows is 100%, then connect the HDDs.

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