Usefulness of a thin client at home

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May 23, 2009 at 16:03:38
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Hey all

I'm getting a Wyse Winterm v90 thin client to mess around with ($25 is somewhat of a steal from what I can see of prices on these) since I like tinkering with technology.

I'm wondering...what are some creative uses I could put this to? The obvious would be print server but a) that's boring and b) I have a networked printer.

They aren't particularly media friendly so anything involving my TV isn't too practical.

Note this would be used standalone, no server involved. I would perhaps equip it with an external USB hard drive, and it would be on my local network with internet access.

What are your thoughts,

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May 23, 2009 at 16:35:20
Thin Client = Embedded operating system/ no harddrive.
Secure system not susceptible to viral or other infection.

Handy in a corporate environment for network booting as a workstation. In a home environment? little usefulness.

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May 23, 2009 at 19:06:17 has either 512mb or 1gb of integrated flash storage.

Is it possible to put an alternate OS on it, such as Damn Small Linux?

Questions like these are very difficult to find answers for...given the corporate nature of the device it's very tricky to find even the most basic info about how one COULD use it on its own (and it most certainly can be used as a general purpose PC, given an external HDD for applications and the like).

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May 24, 2009 at 06:09:31 has either 512mb or 1gb of integrated flash storage.

Really? Then edit Wikipedia to correct the not-so-incorrect info given in the link below.


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May 25, 2009 at 12:32:32
I would but it is my belief that Wikipedia articles should be altered only by employees of the relevant companies, and that user input should not be considered at any point.

The Wyse Winterm V90 models ALL have integrated flash storage. Their website says this.

(model - flash - ram - p/n)
Wyse V90L 512MB 256MB 902141-13L
Wyse V90L 512MB 512MB 902141-01L
Wyse V90LE 512MB 512MB 902144-01L

I know that the traditional description of a thin client would not include any local storage, but this model does, and it certainly fits the bill as a thin client.

Regardless, the person selling them for $25 so thoughtfully neglected to mention the fact that he is not including the Wyse-specific power adapter (plenty of adapters output 12vdc, almost none off the shelf output sufficient amperage). That being the case, I am no longer interested.

I thought it would be an interesting device to have for service calls (I am occasionally asked for assistance in some capacity by family, family friends, or my own friends) as somewhat of an "independently bootable thumb drive", given the integrated OS's security, but I guess not now.

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