USB 2.0 Extension Repeater cable

Amd athlon / Atx
April 23, 2010 at 08:35:46
Specs: WINDOWS XP PRO Service Pack 2, 1 GB
I wanted to move my printer across a large room so purchased a 'USB 2.0 A Male to Female Extension Repeater Cable 33 Feet 10m' on ebay.

The printer would print but instead of one test print page it would spit out several pages with just one line printed at the top. Sometimes the pc would say the printer was offline or there was an unknown USB device and could not install any drivers. I unplugged both the pc and the printer for 10 minutes hoping things would reset but I never could get the thing to print. I reinstalled the printer drivers changed ink cartridges - cleaning - anything i could think of but it just wouldn't print right. So I plugged in my original USB cable directly from the pc to the printer and it printed fine.

Before I ask for a return or refund for the repeater cable is there something I have neglected to do to make a repeater cable work? (I had never heard of such a cable so this was all new to me.)

I am running Windows XP on an AMD Athlon home build.

Thanks in advance for your advise.

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April 23, 2010 at 10:54:04
I'd return it. As\ long as your USB connector on the PC is a
motherboard - ie decently powered, one (laptops often cannot
handle the power needed) then even a 'standard' decent quality
cable should just about be able to handle 10m so a repeater one
(that has a small 'amplifier', for want of a better description, in the
socket) should be able to handle it. I've managed to get a USB
connection over 25m with a decent repeater cable.

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April 23, 2010 at 15:42:09
Agree with johnr; return it. A repeater cable should work at least as well as your original cable.

This is a good read and heed that has solved and, most importantly, prevented USB problems for me.


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April 23, 2010 at 21:52:43
Great - thanks guys for your help.

That's a great link Skip so again - thanks to both of you I am requesting a refund right now. :)

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April 24, 2010 at 09:23:45
A printer (or multifunction unit) requires a medium amount of current from the USB connection it's plugged into - not the full max USB spec 500ma, but a lot more than some other USB connected devices such as a mouse or keyboard. If your cable has no additional power supply, the longer the cable is, the less current there is available at the far end.

Make sure you have the extension cable plugged into a USB port it can get 500ma from for sure - a port built into the mboard, on the back of a desktop computer in the I/O area where most of the ports are, or one built into a laptop's base.
You may NOT be able to get enough current from the front ports on a desktop case, or from a port in a multiple port hub that plugs into one built into the mboard port.
If you're plugging into a desktop computer....
Note that I answered a Topic on this site recently where a guy had an external drive, which does require the full 500ma, connected to a port on the back of a desktop case - it would not work properly when a webcam was in the port next to it, but it worked fine when the webcam was unplugged. Ports on the back of a desktop case often have two ports connected to the same USB controller module that are ports one above the other - you could try connecting the cable to one of those and leaving the other un-used.

If you have tried that and that doesn't help...

you need one of...

- an extension cable you can add a power adapter to

2-Port USB 2.0 High-Speed Active USB Extension Cable 16ft. $30

5-Volt DC 1amp Adapter for our USBGear USB Extension cable part number USBG-EXT-2X $10

- an extension that uses a network cable, but it's limited to USB 1.1 specs - the printer might print slower

USB Extension - CAT5 USB Extender (Up to 50m) optional power supply is available for use with high current USB devices:
Power Supply 5V DC, 2.6A for 2.5" External Drive Housing

USB 1.1 Line Extender Kit up to 200ft. via Category 5/6 Network Cable
Includes 500ma DC Output AC Adapter

- or -

- a wireless usb extension but that's over $100

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