upgrading new hdd, with slave hdd in a dell

Dell / Dimension 4500
May 16, 2009 at 18:22:10
Specs: Windows XP Home SP3, PIII 800/128 megs
my computer is a dimension 4500. I recently added a new stick of ram (matches the other stick of ram) and a new ATA hdd. The thing is, I had the original hdd as primary and shortly after purchasing the pc I added another ATA hdd, which was bigger (gigabytes), and it was the slave. The computer worked fine. Today, I copied the primary drive to the slave drive, using Norton Ghost, installed it as the master with an identical (brand new) hdd as the slave. I turned the computer on and it booted up right away, and everything seem to be working right, but it was extremely slow. It showed the primarys' capiacity was nearly full, but showed the slave as a healty, fresh hdd. Because of this I was just going to reinstall the original hdd as the primary, with the brand new hdd as the slave. Now when I turn the computer on, it goes to a screen stating;
primary drive 0 not found
primary drive 1 not found
can anyone please help me with suggestions to correct my sitiation. I am sitting here with 3 ATA hdd, that worked half hour ago. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

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May 16, 2009 at 18:50:26
Dells can be a little weird at times and real picky the rest of the time.

I have 4 so I hope I am allowed the opinion...
Go into bios and make sure the hd's are setup on auto
and make sure you changed the jumpers back........and are the ribbon cables on the right hd.

On the 4500 to 4600 you can at times have the jumpers wrong and it will still boot up.....slow as you mentioned.

Oh! all 4 of the dells we are running insist that the monitor be turned on.......how picky is that? I know that has nothing to do with your present boot problem......just trying to lighten the problem up'
Your present problem is workable.... just need to go through some steps.


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May 16, 2009 at 19:19:26
Thank you for the reply. Since the first message I have got the computer to boot up, all the way to the os. I took the original hard drive (stock) and hooked it back up as primary, and the brand new hard drive, is connected as the slave. I am fixing my dads computer for him, and I was just freaking out. Anyways, the computer is running extremely slow now, and shows that the primary hard drive is nearly full. (only have 8% free space) When atempting to run dfrag I am unable to since it needs at least 15% free space to do so. So my question is:
Why is the primary hdd showing that capacity when it was a good hdd originally? The reason behind the new hdd's is an entirely other suject, which I'm sure I will post once this issue is resolved. Second question is:
Should I formatt the new hdd? as (i could be wrong) this is how to make the new slave hdd show up in my computer, and available for programs/data.

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May 16, 2009 at 19:39:38
It would be helpful if you listed the capacity for all 3 HDD's. Also, I see the RAM listed as 128MB? That's pathetic for an XP system. Hopefully that was before you added more RAM? Even 256MB isn't enough to run XP well. IMO, 512MB is the minimum for a decent XP eXPerience.

I don't know why you would use Norton Ghost. A new HDD usually comes with the software needed to perform the cloning....if not, it can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Sounds like the new HDD was cloned to be exactly the same size as the old HDD & the rest of the space isn't being recognized. That's because of the way you did it.

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May 16, 2009 at 19:52:21
okay heres the deal, my RAM isnt 128MB. At the time, the computer wouldnt boot up and I just put something in there to post the questions. Now i have it back up (kind of) and here is the correct information
Windows XP- Home Edition
Version 2002 SP 3
CPU/RAM- 4 CPU / 2.40 GHz (2.00 GB)

The three hard drives are as follows

Western Digital (original/stock) - 27.94

Maxtor Internal ATA hhd- 114.49

Is there any additional information you need? Because of the way I did it? How do I correct it?

Neither one of the Maxtor hhd come with papers/instructions. Just in a box with foam support.

I used norton ghost after research, not enough because I would have done it differantly now. Im not completely dumb when it comes to computer management. Experience makes wisdom. Please reply with helpful information.

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May 16, 2009 at 21:27:55
Still not enough info. Was the 28GB HDD almost full? Now that you've cloned the contents of the 28GB to the 115GB HDD, does it still show up as 28GB? If so, you did the cloning incorrectly. Try using the DiscWizard software available from Seagate (Seagate owns Maxtor) or possibly MaxBlast 5.

Read Chapter 10:


Here's the download site:


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May 17, 2009 at 09:30:31
So will the disc wizard get the entire 115GB HDD back? I have placed the original hard drive back in as the primary, with the brand new 120 GB hard drive as a slave. Now I want to put the 115GB HDD back in as the primary, but I want the entire space

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