Upgraded to Kingston ram PC6400-800mhz 2x2GB

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August 6, 2010 at 08:33:19
Specs: Windows 7
So i swapped by old 2GB OCZ PC6400 ram to these Kingstom 2x2gb PC6400 Ram. I'm running on Windows 7, and after leaving it on idle for awhile, my computer freezes. No blue screen or error messages, it just shows everything how i left it but frozen. I'm wondering if there is any way to fix it, like changing clock speeds or watever. Or is this unfixable. My motherboard hasn't given me any problems before, but its an Asus P5K non-pro.

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August 6, 2010 at 10:56:14
Go into the BIOS & manually configure your RAM settings using Kingston's recommendations for timings & voltage, do not rely on AUTO settings.

You didn't list which CPU you have or which FSB it runs at. It's very possible that DDR2-800 running at 400MHz frequency isn't optimal. If you have a 1066MHz FSB CPU, the RAM should run at 266MHz freq (533MHZ DDR)...if you have a 1333MHz CPU, the RAM should run at 333MHz freq (667MHz DDR).

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August 6, 2010 at 11:05:27
Some ram manufacturer's modules do not strictly adhere to the JEDEC standards that most mboards bioses use to determine ram settings.
In that case, the ram settings in the bios Setup that the bios has automatically chosen may not be correct.
Check the ram settings in your bios - the ram voltage, and the ram timing numbers - those should be the same as for the specs for the modules themselves. Often the ram voltage and timing numbers are printed on the label on the modules.

If the voltage setting or timings settings in the bios are different from the specs for the ram, change them in the bios. The timing numbers must be as close as you can get to the same, or slower timings (higher numbers = slower) - you won't notice the difference the slower settings make.

If you have a mix of different modules
- don't mix ram that different voltages are specified for - the bios will force the ram to use the lowest voltage, if "by spd" or similar is used (default settings) - ram that a higher voltage is specified for is more likely to not work properly in that situation.
- the bios settings must be those for the slowest timing settings of all the modules, or slower (higher numbers = slower).

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