Upgraded to Incompatible BIOS

March 9, 2010 at 04:36:07
Specs: Windows Xp
I have updated to incmopatible BIOS, now my system is not booting, What to do??

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March 9, 2010 at 07:45:29
Depends on the motherboard of which you give no details.

Some Motherboard have a facility to recover from a failed BIOS flash. It boots the computer just enough for you to use a floppy disk in order to correct the error. Your motherboard manual should have details if this is the case.

If this not the case then then only other recovery options is to replace the BIOS chip with an identical one. That can take a little research as it has to be identical, not something similar.


Failing that your motherboard is toast and you will need to get a new one.

I would be interested to know why you thought it necessary to re-flash the BIOS. I would guess for no particular reason other than you thought it might do some good.

For future reference you only update the BIOS when you have a problem that you KNOW a BIOS update will solve. There is noting to be achieved by updating to the latest BIOS release just because it is the latest.

Updating the BIOS like you would update a piece of software is not the same thing.


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March 9, 2010 at 09:35:23
You *should* have gotten some sort of warning that the BIOS was incompatible. In fact, it shouldn't have even allowed you to perform the flash.

We need more info: motherboard make/model & which BIOS you flashed it to.

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March 9, 2010 at 14:52:42
If all else fails:

Fix a flash problem

Or do a Google search for "bios replacement".

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