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Unplugged ipod during welcome screen BSOD

Microsoft Windows vista home basic
May 17, 2010 at 05:23:59
Specs: Vista
Aaaand now I either get the blue screen of death, or the welcome screen 'freezes' and constantly tries to boot. (This was attempted when I did a system restore- it loaded up to the welcome screen, but to my dismay, the ipod was accidentally unplugged and thus problems followed.) I'm at a complete loss on what to do.

I'm guessing this is a hardware problem, however I cannot get into either of the 3 safe modes, or even get to my desktop with the Last Good Known Startup option (or whatever it is) in the F8 options.

I don't have a vista recovery disk as my system didn't come with any. I have an Emachines computer, and it's been acting weird, so I did want to do a system restore. I can tell it wants to do the classic vista updates (when it says 0 out of 3 being installed with the background of the splash screen), but I've only seen it once ever since this happened and the blue screen of death prevents it from doing what it needs to do.

So basically:

1. Did system restore, let it load to the welcome screen
2. Ipod unplugged (got the blue screen of death error when it did, and it rebooted, only to get the same error again and again)
3. Tried safe mode, welcome screen 'freezes' or 'hangs', no blue screen however
4. Tried system restores (which didn't work)
5. Tried last known good startup (which didn't work)
6. Tried startup repair (which reported nothing was wrong)
7. Whenever ipod was plugged in, screen would either get the BSOD error, OR it would hang, BUT if it wasn't plugged in I would get the BSOD error without any welcome screen, it would happen after getting the vista logo to show

If I remember correctly (I'm not at home with the computer at the moment), the error was this on the blue screen:

Stop Code: STOP 0×000000D - IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL

But then again it's hazy seeing as at this time I was raging at the thing for being so difficult, but I know it mentioned something of not being equal, ha.

I'm not very good with problems like these, as I'm no computer genius or a fix-it person. If someone could help, I would appreciate it greatly. I want to get my files back, at least- but how can I do that when at any cost, I'm unable to get to the desktop whether I try the safe modes, system restore, or even regular startup?

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May 17, 2010 at 09:14:59
1. eMachines suck
2. Vista sucks
3. Life sucks (at times)
4. Sucks to be you.

Ok, j/k, if none of the 3 restart methods worked, ‘tis bad! If this were me I would:

1. I'd open the machine and look at the mother board 1st and look for bad capacitors.

2. Then, I'd test the HDD (Hard disk drive) too see if it’s bad with the various HDD manufactures diagnostics tools (See List of tools under #3 below). NOTE WELL: RUN the QUICK DIAGNOSTICS TESTS 1st. If the Quick test finds an issue with your drive, you need to make a decision as to whether or not you want to proceed with a FULL disk test or send in your drive to a data recovery service (which is expensive however) if needed. If your drive is bad or going bad, and you do a FULL Diagnostics test, it may make it worse and create a situation where data will be unrecoverable. THIS is why we techs harp on ppl to do regular data backups (oh you don’t need to hear that right about now do you!?).

3. Run FULL HDD diags test if you choose (read NOTES above) with the HDD manufactures diagnostics tool via a bootable floppy or CD: Western Digital - DataLifeGuard, Maxtor/Seagate - SeaTools (Seagate bought Maxtor), Fujistsu - FJDT, Hitachi – HDFT (Hitachi Drive Fitness tester), Samsung HUTIL, Toshiba (doesn’t have a HDD utility - SeaTools or HDFT may work though).

4. If the drive is good, you can get your data off the drive by putting it in another healthy PC and copying the data over from your corrupt drive to the healthy system hard drive.

5. Unhook, pull out ALL peripherals from the motherboard except main HDD, RAM & Video, then attach monitor, keyboard and mouse, then test to see if it boots, if it doesn’t…

6. Reload Vista from your Recovery Partition on your HDD (if your eMachine has a recovery partition), or from Recovery CD/DVD (may have to buy from eMachine).

Just another stupid saying...

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