unlock bios password for hp pavilion dv4000

November 1, 2010 at 03:33:50
Specs: Windows XP
one day at the start up the system wanted the password for bios ,but i did't set it to ask for it. i tried all the passwords i know ,i tried master passwords i opened the laptop and removed the bios battery but still nothing after the third attempt the screen shows the following message


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November 1, 2010 at 03:39:56
Laptop BIOS Passwords can only be reset by the manufacturer, you need to contact them and prove ownership. This gets asked nearly everyday here and in other forums...

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November 1, 2010 at 05:40:34
Well, if you didn't set the BIOS password someone did. I suggest you speak with them, if you can.

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November 2, 2010 at 00:20:41
I came across an article about how to reset HP / Dell BIOS Password.
It may be helpful for you.

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November 2, 2010 at 05:20:00

We do not generally try to help with laptop BIOS passwords. Most of the time these are stolen laptops. Doesn't matter who stole them, we still don't help. If the person can prove legal ownership and the laptop was not stolen they can get help from the manufacturer.

Additionally, the methods in that link do not apply to laptops. Only desktops. Your manual should explain how to clear a desktop BIOS password. We do help with those.

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November 2, 2010 at 08:37:03
Laptops can have a system access (a.k.a. Administrator access) , and / or a bios access, and / or a hard drive access password.

You DO NOT get prompted to provide a bios access password while booting, unless you try to access the bios.

You DO get prompted to provide a system or hard drive access password while booting.

If you truly are getting prompted to provide either of those and you didn't have to before, someone else who has access to the laptop has set up a password, for whatever reason. You may know that person.
People who have acquired a stolen laptop, knowingly or unknowingly, or people who are trying to access a laptop the owner does not want them to access unless they know the password, often claim they are suddenly prompted to provide a password, or they have forgotten the password, or they bought or are trying to use someone else's computer and that other person doesn't know the password.
If you are the legitimate original owner, and if you can provide sufficient proof you are the owner, you can get in contact with the maker and they MAY help you get rid of the password, BUT, in many cases, that's not possible even so. Most makers will not help you if you are not the original owner or if you can't provide proof that you are.

"i opened the laptop and removed the bios battery "

The passwords on laptops made in the last ten years or more cannot have passwords removed by clearing the cmos (part of the bios) or removing the cmos battery. The password info is stored on a soldered into the mboard chip other than the bios chip that cannot have the user contents erased by removing the power to it.
If there is a hard drive access password, password info is also stored on the hard drive in a data area that can't be accessed with commonly available programs. If you transfer the "locked" hard drive to another computer, you still won't be able to access it unless you know the password, and the laptop must be the same model, or in a small group of models made by the same maker at about the same time.
Programs made to remove passwords on older laptops do not work on laptops made in the last ten years or more.

If you DO NOT have a system or hard drive access access password , you DO NOT necessarily need to know a bios access password.
If what you want to be able to do is boot from something the bios is not presently set to boot from - e.g. you want to boot from a bootable CD or DVD and the bios boot order list or similar isn't set up for that - then there is almost always a key you can press while booting that will pop up a list of bootable devices you can boot from, and you can select the device you want to boot from, that one time.

"after the third attempt the screen shows the following message

You are only given a small number of chances to get the password right.
In most cases, if you reboot the computer after getting that message, you can try again the same number of times, and reboot and do that over and over again.

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