Unknown Device PCI Standard ISA Driver

Compaq / Sr2011wm
September 30, 2009 at 08:00:41
Specs: Windows XP
I had a bad virus in my comp. so I did a clean install. Everything works fine now, Video, Ethernet, Sound, USB (front and back). But when I go into my device manager I have a yellow question mark on "Unknown device / PCI Standard ISA Bridge, Driver not installed".
I have been searching high and low all over the net for 3 day's trying to find the correct driver needed. I have updated all my chipset with latest drivers, Windows Update is up-todate. I have used the Unknown Device program to help find the correct driver but none on them have worked? I would preferr not using a Driver Robot partially because they charge and have used in the past and have not had good results. I have also searched this site looking for answers and drivers but cant seem to find exactly what I am looking for. Since everything is working properly do I even need a driver for this and can I just disable it? I'm a little stumpted here on what to do?

Thanks in advance,

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September 30, 2009 at 10:08:48

That was the first place I went and did all the updates that were available. Still didnt help :(

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September 30, 2009 at 10:52:35
"I had a bad virus in my comp...."

In most cases these days, the malware wasn't a virus - it was something else.
There is even malware that isn't actually malware - it's crap installed by the makers of "rogue" anti-malware software - your computer appears to be severly infected, but the symptoms are FAKED - no actual harm has been done. Their aim is to get you to buy their program - you can download their software and scan for free, but you have to buy the progam to get rid of what it finds - most of, if not all of, what is finds was installed by crap made by the same anti-malware software maker. Most major anti-malware programs can't find the crap that was installed, or if they do, they can't get rid of all of what was installed. In that case, you use anti-malware software that specializes in getting rid of that - e.g. running Malwarebytes usually cures the problem, because they specialize in getting rid of that crap.

What did you do a clean install with?

This model came with (XP) MCE 2005 SP2 on it.

You can't restore the original operating system with an XP Home or an XP Pro CD.


"Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with Update Rollup 2
Microsoft Service Pack 2"

"Recovery CD's One Year (recommend use of CD Creator to make CD set)"

That probably indicates your model came with no Recovery disk set, and you're supposed to use the CD Creator program provided by HP/Compaq to make the set of Recovery CDs for the model while Windows is working fine. .

If you had made and used that Recovery CD set, you would probably not have the problem you're having.

If you didn't make that set, you may need to order the
xp mce sp2 64naemrea3 + supp 2 recovery kit
Typically it will cost you less than about $50 including shipping.

The unknown device may be a leftover.
Try RIGHT clicking on the entry in Device Manager and Un-installing it, reboot, see if it has gone away.

If it that doesn't help have you installed anything in a slot that didn't come with the system?

If you haven't, you must install the ATI Chipset drivers listed here:

If that doesn't help, RIGHT click on the unknown device, Properties - Details - copy down the Device Instance Id string and tell us what it is.

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September 30, 2009 at 14:35:14
I did not want to make for a long post at the beginning so I gave as much info I thought would be necessary, so this may be a little long….

This is the kids computer and always seems something’s going wrong with it cause of all the crap they download. For spyware I use Avast Home edition and seems to do pretty well but for some reason things were getting past it and at the same time It was having a hard drive issues, and every now and then I was also getting the blue screen of death. When I would turn it on the computer it would not recognize the HD all the time and would give me errors. I Ran a diag. test on the HD and it was not passing all the test. I purchased a new one and put it in. And yes you are correct about the Recovery CD set. It did not come with any and I did not make a set. I had an extra XP SP2 cd (No media edition, never used it so I didn’t care about it) I could not get the original Key-code to work so I purchased another XP SP2 cd with new key code. Everything was good as far as install and everything seems to be working fine after the install. I went into device manager just to check it out and that’s when I noticed the “Unknown Device”. I went to Compaq.com and ATI, installed all the updated drivers that were available and still nothing, searched all over the net and found a few drivers that supposedly were to work but non of them did. I did try to uninstall it and reboot, when It turns back on it finds new hardware but cannot install. Everything seems to be working fine and I kindof just want to let it be the way it is, but just knowing that its not 100% back to normal is making me want to take care of it.

Device Instance ID: ACPI\AWY0001\4&1EC577C0&0

No, I have not installed any other hardware.

Thanks again, I really do appreciate every ones help so far…

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October 1, 2009 at 12:46:52
"Device Instance ID: ACPI\AWY0001\4&1EC577C0&0"

I searched using: ACPI\AWY0001\4&1EC577C0&0

Apparently you can just change a bios setting to get rid of the problem.


Post #19 (shown at right)
"From what I've read whhe googling for AWY0001, the unknown device has to do with a new feature on Intel motherboards called Intel Quick Resume Technology. There should be a setting in the bios to enable or disable the feature & it is likely set to enabled in your bios. The issue stems from the fact that the driver for this feature is not included on the mb cd & you must download the driver & install it in order to use the feature & have the device recognized by the operating system.

(your chipset is AMD/ATI but it's designed to support Intel CPUs )

Post #21

"Yea!! Thanks a million. That did it. I just disabled it and no more unknown device. That was a good one. "

For either of these, install anything listed in Add/Remove Programs that's for the main chipset or Xpress 2000 or ATI whatever. Sometimes there's a"master" ATI un-install entry that installs all or most of the stuff in one go.

Or - you could try installing the ATI drivers for XP here

Or - the FOXCONN RC4107MA-RS2 mboard has the same chips in it's main chipset -
ATI RC410 Northbridge
ATI SB450 Southbridge -
you could try installing these:

Motherboards Drivers File Size: 93.0M
Version: V1.1 Updated: 08/24/06

(No files in that are newer than in 12 / 2005.)
Extract the files and run Setup.

For both -
It is NOT a good idea to pont Windows to where drivers for a device are while booting BEFORE you have installed that software. The drivers and associatedsiftwarewill probably NOT install properly when you do that.

If Windows asks if you want to search for drivers for things found AFTER you have installed that software, let it do that.
You MAY need to show Windows where the extracted files are located if it doesn't find them automatically. If you're not sure where to point it to, if a name of a file is mentioned, copy it down, CANCEL installing drivers, search your hard drive to determine where the named file is, then go to Device Manager, RIGHT click on whatever it was trying to find drivers for, update drivers, point it to where the file it wants is.

"This is the kids computer and always seems something’s going wrong with it cause of all the crap they download. For spyware I use Avast Home edition and seems to do pretty well but for some reason things were getting past it ..."

See the info about the crap installed by the makers of "rogue" anti-malware in response 3.
I have two friends who have kids who have gotten that 3 or 4 times. I've found Malwarebytes gets rid of it. As I said, most legitimate anti-malware software doesn't find that crap at all, or if it does it can't remove everything installed. The makers of "rogue" anti-malware change what is installed and how it is installed frequently - since it doesn't actually do any harm, some legitimate anti-malware makers have chosen to ignore it.
The gist of what you do......
- Search for and download the free version of Malwarebytes, and search for and download Smitfraudfix.
- If the computer is really messed up, download those on another computer, copy them to a flash drive, insert the flash drive in the affected computer, and when the menu pops up, choose to save the two files to the desktop (the desktop screen).
- run the Malwarebytes download to install Malwarebytes on your computer. An icon for Malwarebytes appears on your desktop screen. Start it up and choose to Update it (the free version does not update itself automatically)
- Run the FULL scan of Malwarebytes of at least the C drive, or whatever drive Windows is installed on.
- When it has finished scanning, let it remove everything it has found.
- Reboot the computer. If all symptomsare gone, you're done.
If some symptoms remain, run Smitfraudfix, preferably in Safe mode. Smitfraudfix is always the latest version when you download it, and it's ready to go as is. It sets the default home page to whatever the default is for your IE version, but that's easily changed to whatever you want it to be.

If you find the computer gets this type of thing over and over again because of the habits of your kids , a lot of people are buying Malwarebytes to prevent this kind of crap from installing it's symptoms in the first place - the paid version has a resident scanner module that runs all the time, that doesn't seem to interfere with other anti-malware software, and it updates itself automatically.
If they are using bit torrent software or similar to download things, most of them can be set to have whatever your anti-malware is scan it once it has been downloaded to a certain folder . However, if the anti-malware cannot find or cannot get rid of this kind of crap, the paid Malwarebytes probably will.

"And yes you are correct about the Recovery CD set. It did not come with any and I did not make a set. "

That's very common. It's easy to make the Recovery disk set these days, yet most people don't bother - I don't understand that at all. When you have a brand name system, that should be one of the first things you do.

The Recovery disk set, as I said, is probably relatively inexpensive when you order it. The OEM MCE 2005 2 CD set sells for a price in between the price for OEM XP Home and OEM XP Pro - typically over $100 - so the Recovery disk set is a bargain in comparison to that, and it installs everything the computer originally came with, not just MCE 2005 .

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October 1, 2009 at 14:45:36
Looked into the bios and there is not a setting for QRT.
Also tried the Chipset drivers from Foxconn and non of them worked either.
I ended up getting online with HP support chat and they went thru a few things and ended up telling me that as long as there is no errors and all updates have been done (HP and Windows) then I should be fine and to not worry about the Unknown Device. It still bothers me to know that it is there and what if someday I end up needing that driver installed?? I think I have officially gave up on this and am just going to let it be and worry about it if something does come up later.
I wish I could have had some kind of answer to solve this so when someone else runs into the same problem they wont have to go thru all the troubles that I have.

Thanks every one for your help, I appreciate it!

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October 1, 2009 at 15:50:59
I just found this:


Try installing the Promise controller driver. Your mboard has it but only an un-install for it is listed on the Drivers page.

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