Types of SODIMM Ram

Hewlett-packard / P9853a
February 1, 2009 at 21:27:43
Specs: Windows XP, P4 2.53 1.25gb ram
I recently found a stick of 256MB for a laptop. It says PC2100S. My dad has an ACER notebook with 256 in one of the slots. I tried to put this one in but it was just a very slight smidge too big - the pins almost lined up. His ram said PC2 I forget what speed, maybe 3200.
I stopped at Micro Center later that day and asked some kid working there about it. He said PC2 is the same as DDR2 - PC2 is what it was called first, and he said they're are only a few computers that use that type, and it's kind of hard to find, and that the current DDR2 at 667mhz isn' backwards compatible, that the 667 wont clock down that low. Was this dude correct? Can someone help me out here?
Thanks a bunch!!

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February 1, 2009 at 22:29:18
Never play with ram like that.

Go to big name ram sites to identify the correct ram for each system. For the most part you can't force the wrong part in.
Well, you can't ever.

Use esd straps too.

Better leave your Dad's computer alone.

"Best Practices", Event viewer, host file, perfmon, antivirus, anti-spyware, Live CD's, backups, are in my top 10

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February 2, 2009 at 04:48:36
The RAM in your dad's notebook is PC2/DDR2. The RAM you found is PC/DDR. They are NOT interchangeable! The RAM you found will NOT work & if you attempt to use it, you risk damaging the notebook.

From Wikipedia:

"The 200-pin SO-DIMM has two variations for locating the notch which are nearly indistinguishable to the naked eye. If the notch is located further outboard, it indicates the DDR class of memory. When the notch is located nearer the center of the board, it indicates DDR2. These two types of memory are not interchangeable, and the different notch locations prevent incorrect installation."

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February 2, 2009 at 20:30:39
Ok, that makes sense - It really is hard to tell to the naked eye. Well, how bout what the dude said at Micor Center? He said the widely available DDR2 667mhz will not work in that notebook because it won't clock down that far. Is that true? DDR2 ram is freakin cheap nowadays - I think like $13.99 for a 1gb DDR2 667mhz SODIMM. If that will work in his ACER, I'll get it.

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February 2, 2009 at 22:15:47
What's the exact model of your Dad's Acer notebook?

Don't worry much about the "dude" at Micro Center...good chance he may not know what the hell he's talking about.


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February 3, 2009 at 15:39:34
I'll have to get the model from him. I figured the dude at Micro Center was pulling s--- out of his butt.

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