two short beep then long beep

March 11, 2010 at 08:54:32
Specs: MS DOS 6.22
I have a Gateway 386DX/33/Cache. The 3.5" floppy drive failed. I replaced it. I foolishly did not note how the cables were connected. When I turned the computer on I got two beeps then a long beep. It seemed like the monitor was bad. I replaced it and the monitor is working, but I still get two short beeps followed by one long beep. Did I damage the floppy drive by connecting the cables incorrectly, have a bad video card, or whatever? Many thanks for help

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March 11, 2010 at 13:04:56
It's unlikely you've damaged the floppy drive, they are fairly resilient and most have a key to only let you attach the cable one way anyway. So start by unplugging the floppy drive and changing the BIOS setting so that it doesn't seek the floppy - trying to troubleshoot two issues at the same time is always problematic. The 2/1 beep code doesn't match up to a standard error as far as I'm aware (reversed it would mean a graphics problem....). You say that the monitor was initially at fault, but this would not have produced a BIOS error, so the faults are still within the system. 2 beeps on their own can, depending on the BIOS manufacturer, mean a RAM fault so make sure the chips are firmly seated and, if possible, check them with memtest in another system. Check the graphics card is firmly seated as well - because the problem only occurred afer you replaced the floppy drive I would suspect that it is really just a case of having accidentally knocked something.

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March 12, 2010 at 10:58:36
Many thanks. You seem very knowledgeable. I will make sure the video card is well seated. I finally found where the BIOS is. There is a HI BIOS and a LO BIOS. These are chips on the motherboard. There is also a Bios - High & Bios - Low on the VGA card. I guess you are talking about the system board. I have a Phoenix Bios. I don't know how to change the Bios and whether I need to change the HI BIOS or the LO BIOS. In my file I found an Installation Guide for my Archive XL20A Adapter Card to support an ArchiveXL internal tape drive installation when two floppy drives are already installed. "The XL20A Adapter Card can be damaged by static electricity discharge. Handle the card as little as possible." Could this be the problem. Incidentally, my Archive tape drive seems to be dead. Thanks again.

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