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July 2, 2011 at 07:46:11
Specs: Windows XP
I cannot find a way to turn off Nero 7 image drive. The reason I want to do this is that I cannot play Sims 3 Deluxe (disc authentication error) and this was suggested as a fix. Also, I have Plextor Drives from around 2005; I did a firmware upgrade on them (2009 date) but this did not work either. Thanks!

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July 2, 2011 at 08:42:01
How about uninstalling Nero 7 altogether & replacing it with something else? It's at least 3 version behind anyway.

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July 2, 2011 at 09:13:37
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Your problem with the Sims disk has probably got nothing to with Nero's ImageDrive feature. Go to the maker of the Sims disk's web site and see if you can find a solution to your problem, e.g. in the FAQs, or in a user Forum.
(If the Sims disk is a burned copy, it MAY not read properly in a drive it was not made in, especially if it's not a CD-R or DVD-R disk. Some disks have an anti-copying feature built in and a copy will not work in any case, unless you use specific software that can get around that feature.)

Firmware updates for optical drives are usually merely fixes to solve compatibility problems with certain specific brands and types of burnable disks, and are not useful for anything else.

More recent Nero software suite versions may have a module called Imagedrive.

If that Imagedrive module has been installed, there is an extra virtual (faked; phantom) optical drive listed in Device Manager, and (I assume) it's also visible in My Computer and Windows Explorer.
It isn't used by anything except the Imagedrive feature of the Nero software, and many people find that virtual optical drive being there confusing and annoying, especially if they don't use the Imagedrive feature.

If you don't want or don't think you'll ever use Imagedrive and want to get rid of it or disable it .....

- you may be able to un-install it in Add or Remove Programs if it's listed separately,
OR - if there is no separate listing for it, when you click on the entry to Un-install the Nero suite of software, you MAY have the option of un-installing parts of the Nero software including Imagedrive

- if there is no separate listing for it there, and no option to un-install just Imagedrive when you click on the entry for the Nero software suite.....

- you may be able to change something in Nero's configuration settings in the suite's program itself (the "master" program where you can choose any of the modules) to un-install or disable Imagedrive.

- if you have the CD or DVD (or download) that installed the Nero software suite......

- if you run the disk's install program (or the download), it MAY auto detect that the Nero suite is already installed and ask you if you want to un-install any of it's modules, including Imagedrive
- if that doesn't apply, if you Un-install the whole Nero software suite in Add or Remove Programs and then re-install it from the disk (or download), you SHOULD be able to select something other than the default installation of all the software and choose to NOT install Imagedrive - either via a Custom or similar installation choice, and/or by de-selecting the Imagedrive module otherwise.
( If you use the default Express installation or Easy installation choice or similar, or if you accept all default settings while installing the software if you are shown what is being installed before it is installed, Imagedrive is probably installed by default .)

Side notes.

If you don't use the InCD feature of the Nero software, it is well known to cause problems with some Windows installations. Choose NOT to install that too.

There is probably information about Imagedrive (and InCD) in the Help, and/ or in the manual document (usually it's a *.pdf), for the Nero software suite.

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July 2, 2011 at 09:48:02
Thanks VERY much for such a comprehensive reply! I learned something new, which is always good. After uninstalling the Plextor Drives, I restarted the computer and let Windows XP find them and install them.

After completely uninstalling Sims 3 and Sims 3 Ambitions, I reinstalled ONLY Sims 3, and with the disc in the drive, it started up just fine (and restarted several times just to make sure). Happily, this means to me that it had nothing to do with Nero.

Just FYI, now the problem is that when I put in the Ambitions disc to install that, nothing happens. So I have a call in to EA support. I really appreciate your answer!

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July 2, 2011 at 10:40:42
It's a very good idea to disable the resident module(s) of your anti-malware software BEFORE you install any software yourself, or BEFORE you give permission when prompted to install software automatically that did not come with Windows or is not a Windows update, or BEFORE you install major Windows updates such as SP3 updates.

See response 3 regarding disabling resident modules of anti-malware software:


See response 14 in that if you have Panda Global Protection installed

If you have Microsoft Security Essentials installed
Scroll down - it shows where you can enable / disable Real time protection:

Is the Sims 3 Ambitions disk a copy ?
If yes, see the first part of response 2.

Is the Sims 3 Ambitions disk a DVD, the other Sims disk a CD ?
If yes, can the drive you inserted it in read DVDs ?
(CD-rom - only - and CD "burner" - only - drives can't read any DVD.
Combo DVD burner drives - all new and fairly recent DVD burner drives are that type - they can read and burn both CDs and DVDs - have at least two lasers and associated circuits - sometimes one of those malfunctions after the drive has been used a lot, and in that case, it will not be able to read ANY CD, or not be able to read ANY DVD. )

You should be able to see the contents of the disk In Windows Explorer even if it doesn't autorun.
(Start- All Programs - Accessories - Windows Explorer . I always have a shortcut to that on my desktop screen.
Open the My Computer folder - single click on the drive the disk is in to see it's contents. Double clicking on it will autorun it if it has an autorun file, the same as it does when you click on it in My Computer .)

The CD or DVD must have a autorun file (autorun.inf if you have Folder Options - View set to NOT Hide extensions for known file types) in it's root folder (directory) in order for it to autorun, and in this case load it's installation screen. Most, but not all, original CDs and DVDs have that.
You must either insert the disk while Windows is running, or click on the drive in My Computer when the disk is in it.
If the disk is already in the drive before Windows loads, it will not autorun, in this case load it's installation screen, but if you click on the drive in My Computer when the disk is in it, it will.

(To see the files on the CD or DVD rather than running it if it has an autorun file, use Windows Explorer rather than My Computer.)

On the other hand, things can be wrong that result in XP's autorun feature not working, for any disk that has an autorun.inf file.

Does the other Sims disk auto load it's installation screen when you insert it while Windows is running ?

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