Tower beeps-no monitor have checked...

June 5, 2009 at 12:53:42
Specs: Windows XP pro
Motherboard- ECS K7S5A with SIS 735 system chipset. processor- 462 pin socket A for AMD Athlon Processor, system bios- AMI 2mb Flash EEPROM v.1, memory- 2x 512mb 184-pin ddr sdram....

Hi guys, my friends graphic card died so we replaced it with the same a "ATI Rage Mobility-p 8mb" and it worked fine, until i pushed it back under the desk and the monitor cut out....

I have read sooo many posts about this but still unsure what to try next...

When you power up the tower i can hear 2 beeps, then 8 short....then 2 more....had a look on Ami website and it indicated- 8 short: Display memory read/write failure (video card fault)

So i replaced the graphics card.(again!) but it didnt make any difference, still all the usual groans from tower plus the beeps...

If i take out the memory it doesnt beep, still no screen even with 1 stick in or a new stick....

have taken the bios (?) battery out, tried booting with different combo's of ram in, battery out, xp disc in, different monitors, graphics cards and never any monitor output..... :(

It doesnt have an on board graphics card and now i think ive read everything on your site!

Have i missed anything? Look forward to your response,


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June 5, 2009 at 13:20:07
The 8 beeps indicates a video card problem so why are you messing with memory, battery, monitors, etc? And I gotta ask...why are you (or your friend) running an extremely outdated 8MB card in the 1st place?

Is the card AGP or PCI? Are you sure it's fully seated in it's slot? If it's an AGP card it MUST be a 1.5v card. 3.3v cards will NOT work & *may* damge the board. Do you have a copy of the manual?

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June 5, 2009 at 15:29:50
The pc is as old as the hill's and neither of us know much about it. Just from following suggestions we were trying to find a solution, but yes we are dumb/noobs and would appreciate your help :)

1) The original 8mb card broke and was replaced successfully. Few months later it gave up, replaced successfully (so we thought) untill pushed under the desk and now no monitor at all....

2) Pretty sure this is the manual its not the pro, but it is a AGP card... i found this info about voltage:

AGP2x = 3.3v
AGP4x = 1.5v
AGP8x = 0.8v

Thanks again :)

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