Toshiba a200-1v0 boot, black screen

November 13, 2010 at 01:30:37
Specs: Linux / Vista, 1.4 Duel Core

I have a TOSHIBA A200-1V0 i think has a hard ware problem, The symptoms are inconsistent, but this is what happening..
1) It loads the Toshiba/Phoenix screen sometimes.
2) Sometime its just a black screen on start up.
3) If the Toshiba/Phoenix screen finishes loading i sometimes get a prompt and I can boots to the DVD, on one occasion i was able to rum Paragon Disk Imaging tool to view the HDD.
Alternatively if I attempted to load Linux it fails. Even as a trial version...
4) Occasionally I can access the Bios, and reset to factory setting, other time the bios seems to freeze or crashes.
5) The battery doesn’t seen to hold charge.

**********To isolate the problem *****************************
The last test I carried out included the removal of DVD, HDD, RAM, Battery, This caused the Laptop to cycle on / off several time without posting to Toshiba/Phoenix screen i.e. a Black Screen.

New part fitted so far
The laptop was powered from a new Power supply, and new power button card was installed. The HDD was also replaced newly formatted "clean"

Solutions welcome...

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November 16, 2010 at 12:18:21
Further info .

Was able to boot to CD and Operating System, Basic Window xp (ok), Linux (ok), and finally DOS to carry out diagnostic. RAM fully tested ok. and other test proved inconclusive, laptop ran for 5 hours without a problem and didnt seem to over heat, fan runs ok...
The Laptop now boot to Linux, although the frozen screen problem hasnt gone away.
Ive striped the lap top down looking for a dry joint / bracken cable, no luck so far.

Can any one sugest common defect for Toshiba A200-1v0 this might lead to a solution.

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November 26, 2010 at 10:54:16
i have sort of the same problem, its an intermittent fault, my pc boots up as normal and can use it as normal, but sometimes the little barrel light which flickeres on and off doesnt light at all, the screen goes black and the light on the cd drive (which doesnt have a cd in) light up solid. hold down power button to swich off, leave for a minute and then turn it back on and then works. you ever heard of that ? :S

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December 6, 2010 at 04:57:36

you may have a dying bios battery that is corrupting the bios settings ram, Replace it with a new one.

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December 6, 2010 at 12:46:54
I Watched the Video with interest. Although I carried out a test that should have suggested the battery was ok. Maybe my logic was flawed. This is what I did
The Bios battery was tested. In place on the motherboard with a volt meter across the contacts, if my memory is correct it read 1.8volts.
But I didn’t trust it, so I applied a little heat to the battery to ensure it performed during batteries tend to work better.
Although the battery was “hot” the laptop still didn’t start-up. This suggests the problem was else where.
“Did I assume wrongly and what should be a good voltage reading for the Bios Battery, as installed?
If as you say replacing the Bios Battery, fixes the problem, The error is being caused by a loss or corrupted data in the bios and additional heat to the battery would not temporally solve the problem. By removing the Battery as per the video you are re-writing the bios from a CHIP on the motherboard.
I still think your solution is worth a shot. No harm in trying. It a cheep solution and a good alternative to £150 new motherboard.
Many thanks

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