TIP How to Clear Admin or System Password on a Dell Desktop

February 23, 2016 at 12:36:16
Specs: Windows 7
If you mean the "Admin" password in the BIOS/CMOS, then you all have it wrong (at least for the Dell Dimension 4700... and probably MANY of the Dell computers). What you need to do is:

1. Shut off the computer.
2. Unplug the computer from the wall outlet.
3. Open the computer's case.
4. Locate on the "Motherboard" (the Big green main printed circuit board screwed to the case that everything seems to be connected to)
5. On the Motherboard you will have to locate the JBJ2 (PSWD) Jumper and remove the jumper from the first two pins and place it on the Second and Third pins (from pins 1 & 2 to pins 2 & 3).
6. Now with that jumper in the new position, plug in the computer and turn it on.
7. After the initial "Dell" screen, you should see a message saying "Password Disabled". But you're not done yet...
8. Turn off the computer and unplug it again, then return the Jumper back to its original position (on pins 1 & 2).
9. Now restart the computer. The "System Passwords" should all be clear.

This will not remove or reset Hard Drive passwords. For that you will need to find a utility or buy a new Hard Drive altogether.

If you mean the "Admin or Administrator" password in Windows, I suggest doing a search on Google for the Hiren Utilities Disk which has a number of Password Reset tools.

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February 23, 2016 at 14:42:48

Your explanation does NOT work on Laptop/Notebook computers. This is by design.

We havae no idea what thread you may be referring to here or elsewhere.

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February 23, 2016 at 15:41:18
These instructions are for the Dell Dimension 4700 ONLY! They for clearing the BIOS password without resetting the BIOS. There is a separate jumper used to actually reset the BIOS (clear CMOS) on the Dimension 4700.

If any other system is plugged in & powered up with the Clear CMOS jumper in place, the board will be damaged.

"Never turn on the mainboard during a CMOS-Reset!
It could cause a short circuit which would damage your mainboard!


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