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Thinkpad BIOS Error Codes 00173,08611,00163

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I’ve got a problem with my IBM thinkpad. there is an error code on the bios. this are the codes (00173,00301,00163)


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  1. 600X 301 Errors >>…

    manual download with cmos battery removal

    another manual

    … looks like cmos battery needs replacing! >> error codes <<

    … be carefull as removal of cmos (watch type) battery if the bios password is “unknown” will result in an IBM thinkpad “paperweight”

    … the bios will be locked aswell as the harddrive!

    whoops !! … leaving info:

    edit/ …. wrong model below…..

    … click onto inside look aswell as others to see video

    … the cmos battery is the yellow circular object encased in yellow plastic




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