There is no sound -Help!

Kworld Kworld tv box1440 tv tuner for lc...
May 22, 2010 at 12:25:43
Specs: No OS - External tuner, standalone
Hello! I have a big-BIG problem. I recently bought a tv tuner (an external one) - Kworld TVBOX 1440, cause I've got a second LCD monitor and i wanted to make use of it instead of letting it to rest i peace. Anyway, the tuner arrived just yesterday and as may you suggest i gave it an immediate try. So what I noticed was that the picture is black and white and there is no sound - just white noise coming out from the built-in speaker (as well as form the external 2+1 I connected later). I'm using CATV cable plugged into the tuner's ANT-in port as input signal. Output as noted is a LCD (VGA/D-SUB port) monitor. In the OSD menu of the unit there is a picture system menu - options are - PAL, PAL - M, PAL - N, NTSC 2, NTSC 4 and the selection of none of them leads to color picture output. Now the interesting part - b/w picture quality is very good - when I change the frequency a little bit the color appears, but the channel becomes poor quality due to changing the optimal frequency the tuner had chosen (if not - good pic but b/w) The regional options are just two - NTSC and COMMON (?!) - no B/G D/K modes selectable. So, what we were talking about??? Yes! No sound! B/W picture! Kworld 1440. That's it. My region is Bulgaria - PAL D/K. I cannot believe that I bought such a garbage, but I don't want it into the bin on the next day since I've purchased it so please....! Give me a suggestion... I can get around picture issue by skrewing up the optimal auto-selected frequency (!?) but I cannot get around the sound issue. Is there some simple ant-in pal/secam/ntsc switch or b/g d/k audio converter. . . . Please Hilep!!!

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May 22, 2010 at 12:50:00
Where in the world are you located?

What type of cable connection do you have?

Interesting that you can run your computer without an OS.

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May 22, 2010 at 13:05:31
I told everything in my post

1.Location Bulgaria - PAL - D/K ( not sure)
2.Cable - ordinary cable tv signal - probably pal d/k ( don't know other parameters).
3. As I noted in my first post there is no computer - Kworld 1440 is a standalone TV signal receiver (tuner) connected to LCD monitor for video output and to 2+1 spk. system for audio output. The TV signal input is ANT-IN/ CATV/RF/ Type-F ( I don't know other way to describe it)

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May 22, 2010 at 18:08:56
I'm batting 0 today.

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