Temperature of the CPU and System

March 16, 2009 at 05:42:08
Specs: Windows XP
Hey guys, my CPU temperature can go up to 80 degree celcius, and system temperature can go up to 50 something degree celcius. This result is based on EASYTUNE 6 program. Are those temperature alright?

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March 16, 2009 at 06:28:20
Check them in the BIOS in PC Health.

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March 16, 2009 at 11:02:52
If the readings in the bios agree, then you have a problem.

Both those temps are too high. Check to make sure the power supply fan is running at full speed and you have good airflow through the power supply. Your whole box may need a good cleaning. Use a can of compressed air, not a vacuum cleaner (they are dangerous). You might also consider adding a case fan.

Good readings are 30s for the System and 40s & maybe 50s for the CPU.

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March 16, 2009 at 11:33:21
What kind of cooling do you have in your computer and what kind of CPU are you running with?

If your temps are really that high, and they are really high, it could be any of the below or a combination of all:

1. Poor junction between your CPU surface and the heat sink. Do you have a quality thermal paste applied and if so, is the heat sink evenly snug, no uneven pressure on one side or the other?
2. Do you have a good quality heat sink and fan?

3. Do you have case fans pulling the hot air out and is the interior of the case as open as you can make it? Meaning, minimal cables etc blocking air flow?

4. How many case fans are there and how fast are they running? If they are small fans and running at really low rpm, you'll have heat build up.

5. Is your CPU fan and case clear of dust build up? Especially the CPU heat sink fins, they're a dust magnet.

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March 18, 2009 at 01:00:01
Im using intel duo core 2 E8700 and got a fan given with the CPU. when i check the BIOS PC health, the system temp seems to be ok average 40, but the Cpu temp will gradually increase up to 80+.. i was worried then i turned it off and try again. But it will stick around 80 and increase gradually again.

Weird thing is, sometimes (randomly- sometimes autoshutdown be4 i reach window) i could get to Window screen without any problem, when i checked the temperature with Speedfan, it shows temp 1 and temp 2 average 40, core 1 and core 2 average 50 with a burning sign on the left. but when i open some program like antivirus and scan my computer, TEMP 2 will starts to increase gradually (can go up to 80+). so i pause the virus scanning. and the temp 2 goes down.. why does this happen? what i mean, temp 2 shud go up,.. but shudnt go up that much and it doesnt stop at a point. it will keep going until it auto shutdown. =/ i just bought this new.. but i built it by myself.. probly i build it wrong or something pls suggest and help..

PS: i got a graphic card which is radeon HD4870 with double fan... that thing is really really really hot! but im not sure whether it matters with the CPU.. I got a PSU which is TR2-RX 450W... got 3 fans, case fan (antec sonata II- black heavy case), cpu fan and PSU fan.
the overheat CPU still happen when i remove the side case + normal fan + Aircond in the room... and thers no dust since i juz bought it..

By the way i was quite a newb for computer, i bought these components from fluidtek, eddie gave me a list with those components. so i trusted him and bought them.. now im wondering are they good enuf to maintain the temperature of the system and cpu? or shud i get another fan? Help please >.< sorry for the bad english btw

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