Tecra M1: Is it possible to fix it?

Toshiba / Tecra m1
August 10, 2010 at 04:26:22
Specs: Windows XP
Earlier this year I overheated my Toshiba Tecra M1 (6 yrs old) by accidently piling a load of laundry on the top whilst it was in stand by and before this it was in excellent condition.

Since then on start up it either stays on the initial start up screen with these continual beeps...but can be bypassed if I press F8 or F9 after a few reboots. Then it either boots up all the way and the beep stays and maybe everything clicks so fast that I cant access the internet or the START menu as everything is too FAST or it is ok but the BEEPS stay regardless. Other times it BOOTS up into the F8 screen options,,,,START IN SAFE MODE...LAST CONFIGURATION THAT WORKED...and sometimes I can go all the way to using the INTERNET or it stays in that mode until I reboot in F8 or F9. When I try to scan DRIVE it doesnt do it anymore and does have this MESSAGE: BAD MEMORY SECTOR FOUND IN HD. Also, it wont let me use WORD anymore and I had to buy a new KEYBOARD as I cant use the inbuilt one like before.

What I want to know is this:

1) Is it the CPU that is affecting other components?

2) Or is it the hard drive that I have damaged with the over heating?

3) Would the CPU be easy to fix on this laptop?

4) Should I also be looking at replacing other parts?

5) Could it be the BIOS that is a problem?

If anyone can give me an idea as to what I did and how I can fix it...that would be appreciated.

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August 10, 2010 at 05:29:54
Does the computer have the original operating system on it?

Try booting into the BIOS (setup) screens and look for temperatures. If found, allow the laptop to sit in that screen for a while to see if the temperatures go too high. Could be a defective fan.

From the above post it also sounds like the hard drive is corrupted. That does not necessarily mean there is anything physically wrong with it. You may need to re-install Windows. You should have an option to perform a factory restore. The process is different with each brand and model. You need to consult your manual or it may display instructions on screen.

Keep in mind that when performing a factory restore, all personal data will be lost.

If you must recover personal data before performing a factory restore there are several method available.

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August 12, 2010 at 06:22:32
Thanks I will do what you suggested about the BIOS.

It is DAY 5 now and my PC is still NORMAL...its like its old self again...and that is the 1st time since the overheating months ago. I was even able to to a FULL CHKDSK 1 to 5 which was A OK and I did make sure to CHECK the REPAIR box, so as to FIX any DAMAGED sectors, I have also PC Wizard, Hot CPU and Speedfan installed on here to monitor the system. Mine can go up to 100 max...which is a good thing for TEMP. However, it could be the FAN like you said...so I will access the BIOS when I can which will be later hopefully....

I will also let you know what I am able to see. I know I tried it once maybe a month ago, but I couldnt get passed the 1st screen of options as the PC just didnt communicate or pick up on the option I was tryin to PRESS.

I have recovery disks for it and know how to do it as a friend made me do it (pc savvy guy I knew back then) for myself and by myself after he showed me just ONCE. I also tried these some months back, but my PC just wouldnt ACCEPT the cds or obey any commands passed the initial START UP PART of the RECOVERY DISK.

Anyways, I will check the BIOS whilst this is normal still...

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August 12, 2010 at 08:28:14

I can't access the BIOS at all and yet at the moment my PC is still very NORMAL. I NOW know though that it isn't as I would have been able to enter the BIOS. In addition, I did F8 and I did get into that area ONLY my access to it was LIMITED as I could ONLY do the ARROW Up and DOWN, but it would NOT DO ANYTHING WHEN I PRESSED ENTER.

So, I put my RECOVERY DISKS in as I thought there might be a REPAIR option and there kind of is (selecting options one at a time without losing data or files) only I am not sure what to RESTORE in order to be able to ACCESS the BIOS again. As yet I do not want to do a FULL RECOVERY...

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August 12, 2010 at 09:27:57
Have you performed any virus scans? It is odd that your keypad functions only partially. Are you sure the computer wasn't just taking a long time to execute the command?

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August 23, 2010 at 20:53:16
PC has gone crazy again...so am on a public computer.

I forgot to mention that after the overheating...original keyboard had problems...as in some KEYS would not work, so I bought a USB one. A few months ago F1 did work, but after testing it via some programme last week...it doesnt. Anyways, last night it cranked up again and I finally got a MICROSOFT message saying:

"The cooling system is not working properly. Please take it to %$%^^&& and have it serviced. Please turn it off immediately!". Something along those lines....and I did turn it off as it was making one heck of a racket.

I think I need to replace the CPU, but am not sure what wouls be right for it.

It is a Tecra M1 with Pentium M chip or whatever you call it...Banias. Does anyone know what would be compatible for a CPU or FAN model as this is about 5 or 6 years old? (I would also like to give it a go myself to try and fix...one of my TO DO THINGS).

I will eventually be getting a new one....next year...so for now I only have this one to use until then.

Any suggestions, advice and help would be appreciated!!!

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August 24, 2010 at 02:22:15
Try using the integrated keyboard to enter the BIOS. If you get in there see if you have an option to enable legacy USB support. That would allow your USB keyboard to work in the pre-Windows screens.

I suggest you Google for parts once you know what you need. There are sellers out there that have exact replacement parts. That is what you should use.

If the fan was making noise the bearings are probably worn on it. You do need to replace it with an identical fan. Try the Toshiba site for diagrams on how to take it apart.

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