System failure, advice please?

April 2, 2013 at 10:16:32
Specs: Windows 8, i7 8GBS Corsair Vengeance
I posted a thread on Tom's Hardware looking for advice on how to diagnose the many failures of my self built gaming rig. Link+Specs

We now have begun piecing it apart but wanted to stop and look for more advice on how to continue.
We removed the video and the non booting issue continued. We replaced the power supply with a friend's corsair 600 watt from his computer, after which the computer booted up normally. We initially had two instances in which the power supply would not shut off (as with the previous), however it appeared to operate normally and shut down just fine the couple times we tried later.
However (still without videocard, mobo has onboard), the OS was running EXTREMELY slow, as in simple tasks would take sometimes upwards of a couple minutes to load (web pages, switching tabs, opening steam, etc,. Stuff that normally takes 5 seconds took upwards of two minutes).
Our thought process here is maybe somehow the OS got corrupted in all the madness, so we attempt to re install windows 8 on the SSD. We had some major difficulties doing so, as it took half the day for it to prep for install, which shouldn't normally happen. After getting Windows 8 installed, upon reboot we get a BSOD naming "DPC Watchdog Violation" as the cause. After a search for that error we are told it means the SSD needs updating, however we can't load an OS to update it...
We are now at this point. We know for certain the Thermaltake power supply seems to have been faulty. We are now concerned with the SSD, has it been corrupted or shorted from the faulty PS?
We would like to continue testing to fix the system, however would like some guidance or advice on how to continue. We can't get an OS loaded on the SSD, we have yet to test if the mobo has any faults (advice on how to do that?) and we have not eliminated flaws in the video card as none of our computers in the household can properly run it as it is too powerful for their systems.
We were hoping to get the OS up and running and simply try running the system on the Corsair PS, and if everything is working smoothly reincorporate the videocard as our means of testing the mobo, then the videocard.
If I am in the wrong spot or if anything is unclear please let me know. I thank you all in advance for the help or direction you may give!
Thank you!

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April 2, 2013 at 10:53:58
Post the brand and model of the SSD.

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April 2, 2013 at 13:14:40
It's a Kingston Hyperx. I'm going to slave and update it to another computer. I;m slightly more concerned if this whole scenario sounds like the faulty powersupply ruined my mobo as well :(

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April 2, 2013 at 13:24:57
What is the CPU temp? Have you tested the RAM? "Memory_Management error" and "Pagefault in Non Paged Area" indicate a RAM problem.

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