S-Video Problem on X1950

Ati / X1950
March 15, 2009 at 11:47:08
Specs: Windows Vista
I have been playing around for about 3 hours
and can't figure out what is wrong with S-video
to TV connection. I am using an ATI Radeon
X1950, Windows Vista, with latest 2009 driver.
My ATI settings are set to force detect and I
an using the ati custom s-video to common s-
video converter. To that I have my new s-video
to rca cable connected (rca end connected to
video 1). I have tested the cord with a laptop
and it worked fine, so it cant be a cord
problem. I also tested that ati converter cable
through my computer to another computer and
it also worked. So therefore it cannot be the
converter cable either. When everything is
plugged it to my tv, I click enable display on
my ATI catalyst control center and it just
unclicks by itself. It displays a tv connection
under "currently disabled." This is extremely
frustrating I don't know what is going on. I can
send any post addition info or screen shots if
needed. Thanks for any help.

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March 15, 2009 at 13:06:13
You usually can't use both the single RCA video connection and the S-Video connection on the card and/or the TV at the same time - you have to use one or the other.

The single RCA video connection will not work with RCA jacks on the TV for for HD composite video , which require three jacks be hooked up on both ends. Those jacks are usually colors other than yellow (and other than red and white beside each other which are for audio).
If your TV has RCA HD composite video jacks, it may not have the other Single RCA jack (usually it's yellow).

If the TV has a S-Video jack, that will work connected to the "S-Video" jack on the card (the one on the card often has more pin holes but it's often compatible with a regular S-Video cable connector) See the card's cable hookup directions or it's manual.

When you have Catalyst loaded, you can have problems if you have changed the display drivers version without also changing the Catalyst version. The display drivers version changes more often than the Catalyst version, so a newer or older display drivers version MIGHT work fine with the existing Catalyst version, but if the display drivers version is not listed along with the same Catalyst version on the ATI video drivers pages (you can look up previous drivers) , that can cause problems.

If the display drivers version is not listed along with the same Catalyst version on the ATI part of the AMD site, you can get the Catalyst download separately from the ATI site - a link to that is listed further down on the page - and un-install your present Catalyst in Add/Remove Programs, then install the different Catalyst version.

If everything you have loaded was installed from a CD that came with the card, you could un-install your present Catalyst in Add/Remove Programs, then install Catalyst again from the CD, but there's a small possibilty the Catalyst version on the CD has bugs, and you may need to load a version from the ATI site anyway..

Or you could just download and load the latest available combo drivers/Catalys/etc. package, the one listed first on the downloads page, and replacing your existing software, but in that case,
see response 4 in this:

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March 15, 2009 at 20:02:57
Thank you for the detailed reply but I dont know if you fully
understood my problem. I will try to clear it up. As for catalyst
control center and drivers i have the most recent of both, I got
the all in one pack from ATI website.

So, here is the layout: I have the ATI svideo out converted to
regular S-video cord (via: http://www.txcesssurplus.com/catalo... the
on right, but both came with video card) and then to that I
have the S-video to RCA plugged in ( http://images.wowpartspro.com/product/ws_021310-02060_c3b.jpg). And finally into the tv video 1 setting
accordingly. I was wrong when I said it was composite, I
meant component.

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March 16, 2009 at 14:59:59
Make sure you have the "regular S-Video cable" plugged into the female S-Video for OUT from the card , not IN. That may be marked on the plastic of the connector .

"I click enable display on
my ATI catalyst control center and it just
unclicks by itself. It displays a tv connection
under "currently disabled."

You may have to do this to enable it.

How to activate S-Video (or composite) TV output


Only the X1950 Pro, X1950 XT, and X1950 XTX support VIVO (Video In Video Out - S-Video and single RCA composite video in and out ) because they have the additional ATI Theatre chip.
If your card came with BOTH of the two 9 pin wiring adapters ("dongles") for HDTV and VIVO, then it must be one of those.

The X1950 and X1950 GT do not support VIVO.
X1950 GT uses a different chipset from all the others.
They come with one "dongle" for HDTV.
The VIVO "dongle" will plug into the same 9 pin port, but it won't work because the card has no Theatre chip.

Apparently all the X1900 and X1950 cards have just one 9 pin mini DIN port.

I found the pinouts for both the 9pin HDTV adapter and the 9 pin VIVO adapter.There are no pins for audio available from the 9 pinhole port on your video card in either case.

The red and white male RCA plugs on your
MAY work for audio on the TV , when used with a 7 pin "S-video" cable (male to male), with a 7 pin "S-Video" port on your laptop, but they cannot work for audio on the TV with your X1950 card.

If you want audio on the TV from the computer, use a cable between your stereo audio out sound port - on your onboard sound or soundcard - and the TV female RCA jacks (probably 1/8" stereo [mini phone] plug to two RCA male plugs), but audio out will probably only be available when you use only one pair of speakers for the computer sound.

You could use an adapter like this with a regular 4 pin S-Video cable:

Composite RCA Male to S-Video Female 4-Pin Mini Din Adapter

or an adapter like this with either a regular 4 pin S-Video cable or a 7 pin "S-Video" cable (male to male; with a 7 pinhole "S-Video" connector):

S-Video/SVHS(Card) (7 pin female) to RCA Male Adapter Converter Cable
free shipping

instead of your
with your X1950 card.

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March 16, 2009 at 22:21:44
Wow thanks for the reply. So I made some progress. I am
able to use TV as my main monitor and switch on and off
between Dell monitor and my TV as necessary. However, I
still cant get it to work where it recognizes the TV as another
monitor so I can do dual display. I guess its not possible the
way this card is set up?

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March 17, 2009 at 10:59:55
We're glad to hear you found a solution to your problem!

It recognizes it as a display, but not as a monitor.
You can't do most of the things with a TV out display you can do if it were a monitor.
TV out display is very different from a regular monitor display. TV out has to be processed through a special chip - in this case the ATI Theatre chip - in order for it to be compatible with the much older TV display standards. It's resticted to only certain resolutions and the vertical refresh rate is set to 60Hz (or 50 Hz, if the TV / AC power uses 50Hz). The situation is better when you use HDTV out with a TV that has that capabilty, but it's still not anywhere near as good as another monitor display.
DVD playback and other video looks okay on the TV, but the pixels are coarser and you will notice the Windows fonts are not as clear, especially when they're smaller, etc.

Some newer TVs have a VGA port, maybe a DVI or HDMI port, you can connect a video cable from the computer monitor port or HDMI port to - that display looks as good as a regular monitor, but the TV often has limitations regarding which resolutions you can use in monitor mode. Such a TV has smaller pixels, the same siutaion as computer monitors.

Take a look at the Help in Catalyst to see what you can with a TV out display.

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March 17, 2009 at 18:54:43
I think I am satisfied with what I have. Thank you for your help
and quick response, I will come back to the forums if need
further assistance. All the best to you.

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