stutter in all games under Windows 7 please help

August 3, 2016 at 17:47:02
Specs: Windows 7 64bit, Amd 6 core 8gb ram
Here is my system
ASRock 890GX Pro3
6 core 6300 AMD possessor
GTX 970 golden edition MSI
Samsung SSD
750 WATT power supply (corsair)
8gb ddr3 ram 1600
1080p 60fps

MineCraft and TombRaider 2013 are the games i play most, but when i set off TNT in MineCraft or an explosion happens in TombRaider, i get down to 15 fps and then its fine again its very annoying, these setting are on normal on TombRaider and fancy on MineCraft.....

Maybe my CPU cant handel it? i thought that then checked my CPU usage and it was about 45-60% usage maxing out at 70% i still have room on my CPU right? i have vsync on, on both games, but still drops in frame rates..... please help? do i need to upgrade something???

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August 3, 2016 at 18:19:36
Both the games you mentioned are fairly old & should play extremely well with your hardware config. You didn't list the make/model or size of your monitor, but make sure the display setting is configured to the native resolution. Once it's set, there should be no reason to change it.

Do you regularly scan for viruses & malware? Have you managed your startup apps so you don't have a bunch of useless crap loading at startup & running in the background? Do you use a cleaning program such as CCleaner-Slim?

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August 4, 2016 at 16:04:09
Sorry my monitor is a asus VH236
I do regularly run AVG anti virus and none are found (most of the time) and I also use malwarebytes rugularly and don't find and either, I do have other programs but I make sure that I turn off auto startup on ALL of my programs only exception is AVG AntiVirus

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