Strange Logitech mouse glitch - Cursor jumps up or down

Logitech G600 black laser mmo gaming mou...
July 23, 2012 at 18:43:21
Specs: Windows Vista, Pentium Dual Core/4GB
I recently bought a Logitech G600 mouse to play games with, and every few minutes (5-10) my cursor will instantly jump to the top or bottom of my screen. In first person games, that means my character will out of nowhere find himself staring at the sky or the ground. It's not a crippling problem, but it is a little annoying and has messed me up several times. After that split second where it jumps up, the mouse acts normal again - that is until it randomly glitches out again.

This never happened with my last mouse, a Razer Naga, but I think I remember it happening with my old Logitech G5. Is there some kind of program that will magically wipe impurities in how my mouse works, or what? I can't find anyone else online that experiences this specific glitch.

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July 23, 2012 at 23:35:02
Have you tried it in another USB port?

Have you tried it in another computer?

Have you tried cleaning the optical or laser (don't actually open it, just clean it where the light is on the bottom).

I would RMA (can you RMA mouses?) or atl east get it exchanged for a new one

I am a hardware guy not a software guy but i try to help.

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