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Ibm / S50 8086-24u
December 9, 2013 at 09:18:26
Specs: Windows XP Professional, SP3, 1 GB
I have an older model Dell Dimension 2350 desktop, in which the sound has inexplicably stopped working. All I hear from the speakers is static. Perhaps the discordance is caused by using Lenovo speakers with a Dell PC... bus I digress.

What items should I check in order to determine the cause and fix the problem?

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December 9, 2013 at 11:31:27
Check in Device Manager for any sound/multimedia device driver errors. If error is shown, try re-install the sound driver from the Dell support website:

United States:

For other countries, click "United States" at top-left of page.

If there is no driver error, or re-installing driver doesn't fix it, try the speakers on a different PC to check that they actually work.

Lastly, make sure the speakers are plugged into the correct jack (speaker out), not in the microphone or line-in jacks (yes I have known some people do that by mistake and wonder why no sound).

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December 9, 2013 at 15:16:03
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Speakers are speakers, the brand in general doesn't matter despite the fact that the manufacturer will tell you they will. If the wires are the same as the plugs, that's what counts.

Getting back to your issue, here's a few things to check out:

1. Check the playback device in Control Panel (I assume you're running a Windows machine). There's usually more than 1, so switch it to the other one and see what happens.

2. Check to see the speakers are plugged in to the correct plug. Speakers are pretty good in that they're color coded, and this is an easy mistake a lot of people can make. Also, how do you treat your wires? Inspect them to make sure there isn't any exposed wire that's been cut.

3. As the previous poster said, look at your drivers in device manager.

4. Try playing the Windows sounds in Sounds and Audio devices, see what happens.

5. What audio player are you using? Depending on what you are playing, some sound files don't like certain players but will like others. I recommend starting with downloading the VLC player, it's got the codecs to play everything from here to kingdom come, and it's a free download. I've never threw any piece of audio at it that it can't handle. Just google it, it'll take you right to the site.

6. Try playing whatever you're playing in safe mode. If it works there then that's a pretty good indication Windows is screwing something up.

7. As the previous poster said, try the speakers on a different PC, and also try different speakers in this PC if you have them. If they don't work on a different PC, you might have to replace your speakers.

8. Lastly, as a last resort once you've eliminated all possible causes you'll have to replace the audio card in your system, or if it's integrated you'll have to replace the motherboard. However, the latter especially will be an expensive proposition to replace, so again I stress this is only as a last resort

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