Sony Vaio randomly shuts down

July 15, 2010 at 07:22:28
Specs: Windows Vista
My sony Vaio laptop randomly shuts down
and a error message shows up with a blue
backround it gives me an error code and tells
me its dumping all physical memory to disk.
Its really anoying because you dont know
when its going to happen. I thinks its my video
card (hence the blue screen) i would just like
some help and advice on what to do??

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July 15, 2010 at 08:25:46
Quote what you see on the blue screen.


STOP: 0X000000xx (we don't need what is in brackets after that)


There may be a file named near or at the end of the text, or there be be a highlighted link to more info or similar you can click on and a file name may be in that.

Almost all laptops DO NOT have a video CARD.
A CARD is removable. Video built into the mboard is NOT a CARD, it's just a video adapter.

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July 15, 2010 at 10:19:39
If you give me your email i can send you pictures i have taken
with my camara of the screen in addition i will also give you what
you asked. And i also just tryed to get you the code but my laptop is also doing what it dose after the screen has come up and not startup. All it dose is show me that the little power sign is telling me its on but nothing happens. I dont know how but the only way i can get it to work again after this is leave it overnight and it will work. Some more information you may want is, it will do all the things it used to do before it broke for about 1min- 3hours and then the screen comes up. i think it may be oververheating but i dont understand my it will do it if i have just booted up.

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July 15, 2010 at 11:49:11
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"All it dose is show me that the little power sign is telling me its on but nothing happens. I dont know how but the only way i can get it to work again after this is leave it overnight and it will work. "

Laptop battery, no video (or video problems), and battery, AC adapter, power jack T shooting.
See response 1:

DO NOT plug in or unplug a monitor's video cable into / from a video port while the computer is running. Doing so can damage the monitor's circuits and/or the video adapter's circuits.

Some laptops will display on an external monitor without you having to do anything.

If you get no video on an external monitor, some laptops have a key combo that you must press to toggle the display to external video only / sometimes both / built in display video only - see the Owner's or User's manual for the model.

How old is the battery ?

Laptop main batteries usually work as they should for a year or so, then they begin to rapidly deteriorate. From what I've seen, by two years they cannot be charged to anywhere near their full capacity, and it gets worse after that.
They often develop internal shorts when they are older. If the battery gets HOT rather than just warm after you have attempted to charge it for at least a half hour, or after you have been using the laptop for a while with the AC adapter plugged in, it's definitely internally shorted and you must replace it. Internally shorted batteries getting too hot have been known to cause the laptop to catch on fire.

" will do all the things it used to do before it broke for about 1min- 3hours and then the screen comes up."

Which screen - the blue screen with the error message, or the screen with only the power sign, or a screen with no video ?

"i think it may be oververheating"

If you mean the blue screen, that's not likely if it was working for 3 hours - a problem cause by that would likely happen within a half hour of when you booted the cold computer, if not sooner than that., and overheating doesn't normally generate any messages, other than possibly one in a normal window or just text on a black screen - such as - "The system is shutting down" or similar.

If the cpu got hot to the point the system (mboard) shut down automatically, the computer would not start up again after that until the cpu has cooled to below some critical temp, but it would NOT take 3 hours for the computer to shut down for that reason, and it would NOT take until the next day for the cpu to cool down enough.

You can see the current reading for the cpu temp in the bios Setup, or you can install a program that shows you the same current readings the bios shows you in Windows at any time (e.g. the freeware Speedfan, or Sony may have one in the downloads for model). If the computer still has it's original brand name software installation, there may already be such a program in your All Programs list that was put there by the Sony software installation.

Something you could try.

A common thing that can happen with ram, even ram that worked fine previously, is the ram has, or has developed, a poor connection in it's slot(s).
This usually happens a long time after the ram was installed, but it can happen with new ram, or after moving the computer case from one place to another, and I've had even new modules that needed to have their contacts cleaned.

See response 2 in this - try cleaning the contacts on the ram modules, and making sure the modules are properly seated:

For a laptop, or netbook, you must remove both its main battery and AC adapter before you do that.

For a brand name computer, see the Owner's or User's manual if you need to - how to remove or replace the ram is usually in that - it may already be in your installed programs. If you can't get into Windows, it may be on a disk that came with the computer, or you can go online and look at it or download it - it's in the downloads for your specific model.

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August 4, 2010 at 12:35:11
Hi I have the same problem with my Vaio. where you able to solve the problem?

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August 4, 2010 at 15:03:57

See Response 1 and 3

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August 5, 2010 at 12:47:04
I have the SAME problem!

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September 14, 2010 at 11:09:24
No i coundnt/didnt fix this problem and i have just bought a new laptop

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