Sony Vaio Power Button loose!

April 30, 2009 at 12:06:55
Specs: Windows Vista
Today as I was lifting my Sony Vaio laptop to
keep it on a table, it's power button on the side
suddenly seemed to snap - this gave me a
fright and when I checked it, it had gotten
loose. It still seemed to be working properly
but it was moving loosely in it's slot all the
time. This laptop is the FW series and is only
4 months old, and yet this problem. I never
expected a brand like Sony to have made a
product that seems to contain such obviously
weaker quality component - that too the power
button. Is there anyone else who faced a
similar problem and if so, does it need
professional fixing or is it something that can
be done at home? Any valuable suggestion is
greatly appreciated.

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July 11, 2009 at 19:37:04
I'm wondering if you ever contacted Sony about this. The
same thing happened to me. I purchased it in Dec. and the
power button snapped in June. I think it's ridiculous that
Sony charges approx. $1200.00 for the computer and then
expects me to pay $170.00 to have it fixed (they offered to
pay for shipping. From no fault of my own did this happen
and obviously you didn't cause it either. This is a
manufacture defect. Sony needs to fix this problem when
they make this product or not charge for the repair. If I did
cause it myself I'd be happy to foot the bill but as I said
before they need to fix the issue and fix the computers out
there that this is happening to at no charge. If you did
contact Sony what were your results? I would love to find
out. I just contacted them today. Their repair dept. will
contact me once they have my computer so I will let
everyone know what happens.

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