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November 7, 2010 at 14:30:56
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im looking for a cheap PC to sit under my TV and show things like bbc iplayer, movie files, etc on the large screen.
ive found this one so far

first question is it powerful enough to show bbc iplayer in HD - as I know some computers struggle with it.

secondly - id probably want to add a hdmi output socket. there is a free PCI-Express slot available, but apparently it has to be half size to fit in... what does this mean?

what type of card would I need?
also how would I connect the audio up.. if I put a graphics card in and used hdmi to connect to TV.

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November 7, 2010 at 15:14:07
The question is if bbc uses crummy MS silverlight. Seems MS borked it and they are looking to ditch it for html5 soon. Silverlight seems to be very spotty as to hardware. Adobe flash based is a bit better on 10.1 if you have a new supported gpu.
You'd have to look at the HP site for details on that. I suspect it may or may not work or be worth your time. HD video is a tricky issue. It needs both a good video card and a higher speed channel. I agree that a pcie 1x ought to be the minimum if that system has a slot for it. The other issue is power usage. It would run some power all the time. It may be that an older P4 system isn't good enough.
Until the Atom CE4100 comes out in some form with windows on it you may wish to get an IBM Q150 instead. The 150 is about the least system you could use for a htpc.

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