Skype + Internal Mic= Internal Mic fail!

Dell Inspiron 1521 notebook
March 30, 2010 at 16:14:48
Specs: Windows Vista
Ok so my computer was working just fine until I started using Skype. At first skype was just confused as to which microphone to use, and I think I managed to fix it on my own last time (last time being a couple years ago). But now, my internal microphone claims that it works fine but neither the computer nor skype can hear me, so it is forcing me to use the crappy mic on the clip-on webcam which sucks because it's getting some sort of feedback from sitting clipped on the top of my computer (which kills my boyfriends ears on the other end of the line), so I have it clipped instead to a freakin' picture frame next to my computer. Last time I had this problem, I was somehow able to fix it. Now I can't. I tried some online help by finding the 'drives' for the microphone, and I installed them, but it didn't do anything but now make the internal microphone appear to be "unplugged" and still not working. And even better, every time I log onto skype now, I have to move my little camera from USB port to USB port in order for it to work, because it pops up "microphone problems" when I try to call or answer a call on skype. I have to do this tango three or four times in order for my camera with it's mic to function. My audio input/recording devices list currently reads "Logitech Mic (Notebooks): Working", "Microphone/Line In SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC: Not plugged in", and "Microphone Array SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC: Working." I hear things perfectly fine, but I can't get my computer to use it's internal mic. Can anyone direct me as to what to do?

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May 31, 2010 at 16:22:36
hope ur problem has been fixed now, if not then go to skype tools then options then audio setting and then under microphone option set internal microphone instead of external microphone, i had same problem with my brand new notebook and i had 1 hr useless chat with technical supports of HP and then after ending the chat i figured out myself that problem is right inside skype and now i can use internal mic comfortably :)

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