Sketchy output from HDMI/Sapphire HD 5670

August 27, 2011 at 11:18:30
Specs: Windows 7, i3 2100/4 gigs ram
My new HD 5670 has a full-sized HDMI output on it. I'm using the DVI output to my monitor but I thought I'd enter the world of watching TV from Hulu, from video card to my Toshiba HDTV (with two HDMI inputs).

Let me just say I've been working on this for about three hours. I can only assume there's some boot sequence going on vis two different displays from two different outputs, as well as the "no sound from the HDMI output" dilemma.

1. DVI to monitor with separate audio cord---works great, as always.

2. Hook up HDMI (with DVI still plugged into monitor), run HDMI to TV---what is this? Just my desktop image showing on the TV. Monitor still working. My computer is sending my browser internet page to my monitor but just my desktop image to the TV. Weird.

3. Unplug DVI to monitor, keep HDMI plugged into TV, yes, finally, video but no sound.

4. Unplug HDMI from TV, plug into monitor and reboot. I'm guessing my computer is having a hard time sending audio through the HDMI rather than through the audio jack outlet. I guess.

5. Lo and behold, I do have sound coming from my HDMI output into my monitor's speakers and man are they crappy. Oh yeah, and video on my monitor as well. It's like I won the lottery. Will my luck continue?

6. Surely if I keep the signal coming through the HDMI cable and plug it into my TV (after unplugging it from my monitor), surely video and sound will travel to my TV, right? No.

I get neither video nor sound this time. Yes, I'm choosing the proper HDMI input with my TV remote. The same HDMI input that, at one time, I had video but no sound. I tried turning off then on the TV to see if it had to "reboot" somehow.

I'm asking you good people here only after trying every possible combination of cordage/rebooting I can think of. After seeing that the HDMI out of my 5670 does indeed have video and audio but still can't get it to just go to my TV, well I give up.

The ideal scenario would be that I'd have an image on my monitor and TV simultaneously, and audio to my TV as well. Is that too much to wish for?

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August 29, 2011 at 13:48:44
Well, there's always a reason, right? After trying everything again I re-read the instructions for my Toshiba HDTV. Even though it has two HDMI inputs, I now read that they're only for DVD players etc, not for connecting a PC. In fact, in a little box at the bottom of that page it says "DO NOT HOOK UP A PC USING THE HDMI INPUT!" ? Then it says "Use the PC connector" which of course is VGA. Which means hooking up a second audio cable. Great.

So I've ordered a 25' VGA cable and a 25' VGA stereo audio cable (wanted to buy local but couldn't find these cables). I wonder what kind of signal I'll get using VGA? I've been wondering what kind of signal I'm going to get for a few weeks now.
Don't use HDMI---whodathunkit? I wished I'd read somewhere in my research someone complaining about how their newish HDTV didn't let them use the HDMI input, but all's I read was about how cool and trouble free using HDMI was. Oh well.

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