Solved Should I replace my power supply?

January 7, 2018 at 22:06:56
Specs: Windows 10
tldr version: powercut killed my pc graphics card, replacing most parts except power supply; should I replace it anyway as I am worried it might ruin all the new parts?

3 days ago I had 2 different power cuts in the same day, and on the second time it happened I booted up my pc and loading up a game to play and the display just turned off after a few seconds of it seeming like it was struggling to start, so I have ordered a new EVERYTHING, as I intended to upgrade later this year anyway, except the power supply, which is some Corsair 650 watt, I'm going in to pick up the new parts tomorrow and was wondering if I need to get a new power supply JUST IN CASE, because I'm really worried it was damaged too and is going to ruin all the money I just spent by misbehaving, some other information is that I use a powerlink/powerline adapter that provides me a wired connection to the router and I have contemplated if a power surge has affected my pc through the ethernet ports after doing some research. because it goes through the power lines, and unfortunately I cant run the powerline/powerlink through a surge protector due to it not working if not plugged directly into the wall.

EDIT: This is some extra information that's not too important:
I got the pc secondhand off someone a year ago, I don't know how old each component of the pc is.
I have had no issues using every other component of the pc after removing the graphics card, and I cant find nor notice any common signs a power supply is damaged or dying.
I cant see any burn marks or damage or smell anything coming from the power supply OR the graphics card.
I will admit I don't think I have not cleaned nor removed any dust from the pc since I got it, due to it only being a temporary pc until I could afford a new one.

EDIT #2: I am a student and $200 over my budget for the new parts already, otherwise I would of just got a new case and power supply and not worried about all this, I can afford the power supply its just I need some more opinions so I can get an idea the risks I run if not upgrading.

EDIT #3: Just so you are aware this pc has been thrashed almost every day all year for 6-10 hours most days running virtual reality and highly demanding videos games, the graphics card was a 1060 3gb, the one I ordered is a 1080 8gb so I can continue my hobby and I don't want my psu to kill it.

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January 8, 2018 at 02:35:37
If your house experiences frequent power cuts you need to buy a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Plug your PC in to the UPS, then when there is a power-cut the UPS will kick-in to keep your PC running for a short time so you can exit Windows and shut down your PC in the proper manner.

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January 8, 2018 at 15:17:32
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#1 ABSOLUTELY. I really recommend using a good quality UPS to protect your investment. Note also that most good UPS' have a Network port that surge protects it as well and this will work even with your powerline adapters since they are on the network side rather than the powerline side.

There is a good chance that your Corsair power supply was unaffected by the power problems so put the funds into the UPS and be safer. I like APC units, they are usually good for at least 3 years. I have tried replacing the batteries in them but usually the UPS does not last the next 3 years. I have had brands that work good but suddenly die without warning, the APC will let you know about battery or other problems with time to deal with it.

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