several questions. doesn't boot.

January 31, 2011 at 23:04:05
Specs: Windows 7, core 2 duo e4400 / 2gb
Hello everyone. I am new on the forum. first oif all, i want to apologize for my english. You may find gramatical errors :laugh:
So, here's the thing.
yesterday my pc begun to suddenly shutdown itself, without any messages, like if someone umplugged the power supply. in the first hour when the issue started, it shutdown(ed?) just loging to windows or few minutes later, 5 or 6 times. (1 or 2 times took like 15 minutes to shutdown). checked the bios and was seted right, checked the cpu temp and it wasn't too high, everything was fine. i tryed again for 1 or 2 trys and the issue got better. in 7 or 9 hours only shutdown itself 3 or 4 times. 2 times when i was watching a film (:upset:) and the lasting ones i was editing audio (lot of ram and cpu consumition). So, i became mad and decided to super clean the entire thing.cleaned the core and its cooler, checked the cooling paste ( dont know how to say it in english.. you know, the thing you put between the cpu and the cooling fan, like tooth paste:grin:), and it doesn't have a lot of dust on it. Just in case, i went further and cleaned the vga and the power supply. The power supply was full of dust. i mean, really FULL of dust. opened it and removed the dust with air, without touching anything, like wires and capacitors, and i note something weird. or best said, something i never saw (but i can be normal. actually i never opened this power supply): it has on some parts, like a white hard solified liquid. i will attach some images in the bottom of the post. but i did not see any corrupted capacitors or visible damages on the circuit of the power supply, so i thought it has to be normal. closed and re-installed the PS, plugged everything again and turned on the computer. and the real weird issue happened here:
it wont boot further the windows version select screen.
the 80 % of the times its just freezes in the screen u get next to select the windows install (that black with a twinkling down bar in the left superior corner one) and the downbar just twinkle but wont boot. (the only time i got this issue es when u have a usb stick or flash plugged when booting)
the lasting 20 % it shutdown itself.
100% of entering in safe mode, it reboot itself. (load some files and it reboot)
tryed several times, like 30 or more. just once i got a BSOD trying to boot windows. It was de 0xa5, related with the acpi. Disabled the ACPI option in bios but the issue still occur.
tryed and checked lot of times the BIOS connection and it seems to be fine. everything in thier respectives places. Restored the bios to factory/recomended setting and the same issue.

Here comes the funny things and a couple of questions.
On Bios setup, in hardware health config, where you see your cpu temp. the cpu temp suddenly changes en a sec, in a range between 70 - 10 ° celsius. i mean, SUDDENLY. u get: 32°,56°,26°,52°,40°,17°,50°,65°...etc, in 8 secs. I realized that it had to be wrong when the lowest temp reached the -15° Celsius. So i can't tell you the real core temp.
is the cpu temp sensor inside the mobo ? or it is a wire like the external sensor devices ?
the CPU fan speed is at 1687 RPM. it is good ? can i maximize it on BIOS config?
The Voltages seems normal
i turned off the automatic shutdown temperature option to see if it shutdown as well and to know if the core was reching the max temp. but with the opt disabled, it shutdown. D:
tryed with a ubuntu live cd to check SO. The same thing, The same black screen with the twinkling bar. So, it isnt windows issues.
The funny thing NUmber 2 is this: 2 or 3 times, it shutdown on BIOS CONFIG screen. So, actually, isnt software issue at all. actually is a temp issue.
I am between power supply, cpu and, with less rate, the mobo.
The power supply may be is damaged and isn't supplying correctly
actually. i have 2 different issues. The temp is one of them. Because it shutdowns more quickly when i select a lower automatically shutdown temp and when i disable the option, can remain lot of time on bios without turning off.
but, why i can not access to windows ? or linux ?:S
You ppl, that obviously knows more about this stuff than me, have you any sugestions ? some help ? :4-dontkno

The ACPI BSOD gave me to think. Its probably the power supply, but i dont know. i dont have another powersupply to check. Neither a cpu :S
just to let you know, i have a turbo colling direct to the opened tower/cpu case.

Here are the pics and the spec
MOBO: GF7050v
CPU: core 2 duo e4400
vga: xfx 8500gt
PS: Powercooler 500w
RAM: 2x1gb ocz 800

nothing OC.

here the temp and volt specs.

here a weird thing on the power supply. idk if you can see it properly, but its kinda damaged.


here is the white solified liquid in the PS. is it ? :S

Plase, any sugestion, adviced, tip, will be really apreciated.

thank you for reading and cheers! :D

read you!

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January 31, 2011 at 23:09:32
Did you ever do a diagnostic test on the hard drive??? The manufacturer will have a diagnostic utility to run to test the drive.....maybe your hard drive is the problem.

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February 1, 2011 at 22:27:55
If the bios is showing erratic cpu temps then I suspect the cpu heatsink assembly. You only want a little of the heatsink paste between the cpu and heatsink. Then make sure the heatsink is correctly clamped down on the cpu. If you still get the weird readings then consider getting a new heatsink/fan as your current one may be sending the wrong temperature info. I know you still had the problem when the automatic shutdown was disabled but still, there may be something there.

The ugly looking stuff in the power supply is not a problem. It's intentionally put there for reasons I don't recall.

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