Seagate Internal HDD suddenly not recognized

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750gb hard dri...
April 22, 2010 at 20:20:18
Specs: Windows 7
Hello all. I am a newbie and not necessarily an
expert with computers, although I do have
some general knowledge, so forgive me in

This morning I was using my custom built
computer, which I have had since November
2008, and everything was working fine. I
decided to put the computer in sleep mode
while I left to go to class. I accidentally moved
the mouse, and the computer came back on. I
tried to put it back to sleep mode, but nothing
would happen, so I just left it as it was and
left. Shortly after, my roommate texted me and
told me that the computer would not boot up. I
found that to be strange, since it was working
perfectly fine just minutes before. When I got
home, I tried to turn the computer on for
myself and the same error occurred. It says
something the long the lines of "Boot Failure.
press any key to continue". When you press a
key, it just tries to boot again
(unsuccessfully). When I entered BIOS, no
hard drive is detected at all. I tried to run the
startup repair/disk repair utility on both my
windows 7 installation disc and on my norton
ghost backup cds, and nothing worked
because neither of them could recognize the
harddrive either. I even went as far as
unplugging the power, unplugging the cord
going to the hard drive, leaving it off, and
plugging everything back in. Finally, I found
some sort of utility to use from Seagate in
order to check for/repair harddrive errors, and I
burned the ISO file to a dvd (yes, I did it
correctly using a program to burn ISO images
to discs). Unfortunatelly, my computer wouldnt
boot the disk, and i tried burning both a
windows and DOS version and neither of them
would work. If that weren't enough, I just tried
calling Seagate and they are currently closed.

Sorry for the lenghtly explanation, however I
wanted to make sure I didn't forget anything of
importance. Currently, the harddrive is a year
and a half old and has never been tampered
with since I got the computer, nor has any
problem ever occurred before this. Is it
possible that the drive is completely shot? If
so, what might have gone wrong?

Thanks for any help in advance!


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April 23, 2010 at 04:43:20
1. you shouldn't be using sleep, standby or hibernate on a desktop machine

2. check the boot order in the BIOS

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April 23, 2010 at 08:56:30
Already did that, but as I mentioned the BIOS does not
recognize the HDD at all anymore so nothing happened.

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