SCSI BIOS not installed...

February 20, 2009 at 12:45:41
Specs: Server 2003
Ok, so I started playing with an old Dell PowerEdge 2300 at work. We need to have a very basic FTP server for clients to send files to, and this is an entirely different thread!

Had Win NT on it, had NEVER been online until I got a hold of it! Ran all the updates and SPs etc, etc, etc. Then realized I couldn't find a remote desktop software that would work with NT, Macs apparently didn't like to connect to the FTP, etc, etc, etc. Well I have a copy of Server 2003, so I was going to install that, CD Drive won't work (need some help with this too, but later)... Wrote an iso, and ran install from the drive (this worked fine), but it installed it on the E: partition of the drive. I wanted it on C:. So I tried, a couple of things, copied entire contents of C to a folder on E (back up!!). Then looked at the partitions. The "C" was too small to fit '03 on it. Couldn't figure out how to add a couple hundred MB to the partition, so gave up. Did a re-boot and this is the results of that:

When Powered up it give all the Dell Info, gives me the options of the CTRL-ALT-ENTER and CTRL-ALT-F10,
Runs an extended memory check,
Initializes Firware and checks the 15 SCSI
Spins the drives
finds 1 logical drive found on the host adapter
1 logical drive handled by BIOS
AIC 7890
No SCSI Boot Device FOund
SCSI BIOS Not Installed
SCSI ID: 5 NEC CD-ROM Drive: 466
SCSI ID: 6 Archive Python 04106-xxx
SCSI BIOS Not Installed
then it beeps once and sits there.....

HELP!!!java script:add_smilie(":help:","smid_22") is there anyway to get this thing to boot again? I finished the Server '03 install yesterday and did a couple of reboots with out an issue, then I tried with the creativity and now I got a paperweight.

Not sure what else anyone would need, but would be happy to provide anything asked for!

UPDATE!!! So I was able to create a DOS boot disk on Floppy, and can get command prompt. The C: drive is virtually empty, but Windows was installed on the E: drive. I can not get to that?

Not sure if I mentioned that the CD Drive will not work? Not sure why, but in DOS prompt I can see A: (The floppy drive), C: empty 1.5GB hard drive partition and B: (I think this is my SCSI Tape drive).

I want to see and use the F: (CD) Drive, any suggestions on how to get this to work? it wouldn't work in NT, 2003 or anything. I could right click the drive in Windows and eject it, but couldn't make it read, or even get the lights to come on for that matter.


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February 20, 2009 at 13:43:55
I am making a guess that both the cd and the hard drive are scsi.

Get doc's for the AIC 7890.

At boot it is something like F3 to enter scsi.

You have to make the cd a bootable device.

Not sure W2003 has drivers for that card. Might have to add them in. See adaptec site.

I hate that old stuff sometimes. I have trouble getting live cd's to run.

Could just try an Opensuse 11.1. Pretty sure the drivers are in for that OS.

Put way less info into your posts too.

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February 20, 2009 at 14:03:17
LOL, "...put way less info into your posts too..." You don't hear that everyday!!

Thanks for the info, I'm really over messing with this thing today. I'll try your suggestions on Monday and post the results. Thanks a million

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February 23, 2009 at 09:00:07
Ok, that wasn't successful either. Possible alternatives:

I am fine with just doing a clean install, however CD-Rom is SCSI won't boot to it.

When I created a DOS-boot disk I can see the A: and C: drives. I need to be able to get to either the E: drive which is where Win Server 03 was installed, or the F: CD-Rom, I went through the entire alphabet trying to find any other drives, no luck. How can I get to see either my CD drive or the other partition of the hard drive?


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February 23, 2009 at 15:30:11
Cd has to be seen in bios if it is scsi. Recheck that.

SCSI bios settings AND computer bios are needed to get cd to boot.

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February 24, 2009 at 11:36:32
Not visible in bios, I can see it in the scsi set up, but in the main bios I can only select floppy drive, no option for the CD drive...

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