Solved Screens flickering to black periodically

Asus mobo / M5a97 r2.0
September 21, 2014 at 02:02:32
Specs: Windows 7 64 bit, AMD FX 6300 \ 16 Gb's GSKILL 1600 DDR3
I have a system with dual monitors. Just in the last couple of days, both monitors will flicker \ blink to black momentarily - like just for a split second. It's happened two times in the last two days, and both times the flickering happened twice, a couple of minutes apart.

My system specs:
FX 6300 - not OC'd
Asus M5A97 R2.0 mobo
NVidia GTX 650 Ti boost 1Gb SC edition
16Gb GSKill Ripjaws DDR3
Seasonic S12II Bronze 620W PSU
Kingston Hyper X SSD
2 Tb WD Black and 1 Tb WD Blue HDD's

I'm running Win 7 64bit

I have 23" LG and 24" Acer LCD \ LED monitors, but I don't suspect a monitor issue as the flickering happens on both screens at the same time. Both monitors are using the DVI ports on the vid card.

All componenets except the LG monitor were purchased on Black Friday 2013, so are only 10 months old. The LG monitor is two yrs old.

The fans don't dip with the flickering, so I can pretty much rule out the power supply. I do have a spare, almost knew PSU, but I'd like to avoid tearing things apart until I've ruled out some other things.

The vid card is managed by Nvidia's proprietary GeForce Control Panel. It is set to automatically search for driver updates, and 3 days ago it went through a driver update and installed the latest drivers. That is aobut the only thing I can correlate in terms of the timing of the problem. During install of the drivers the monitors flickered, but it has always done that on the dirver update installs, and it is momentary and related \ isolated to the install - it has never persisted afterwards. But I suspect and hope this is the problem, and not a hardware failure of the mobo or vid card itself.

Because the Nvidia software controls the drivers I'm not sure about rolling back the driver to a previous version, or even how I would go about doing that in teh Nvidia panel. Could I just use Win 7 Device Manager >Display Properties>Vid Card> Properties to Roll Back the driver, or will that cause conflicts with the Nvidia GeForce software controlling updates of the driver?

Or what else may cause this kind of problem?


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September 21, 2014 at 02:46:16
Can rollback the driver or do a restore to the time before the update.

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September 21, 2014 at 03:00:47
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With sluc here,

Create a restore point.

Disable GeForce control panel in msconfig.


If the problem persists go into device manager to rollback drivers.


If nothing improves you can use the restore point to revert changes.

If the problem started occuring after a driver update then that is likely the cause.

You appear to be very observant and usually these things don't happen for no reason, hardware failure aside.

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September 21, 2014 at 07:07:53
Thanks sluc and btk1w1,

I created the restore point and then disabled GeForce. I'll start there and see how that goes. Of course with an intermittent problem like this I'll just have to see how it goes over the next couple days. So I'm at the "Observe" step :)
Thx guys, I'll keep ya posted

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