Screen wont display anything

April 22, 2011 at 01:50:11
Specs: Windows 7, 2.2 intel duel core, 2g ram
Hi, I have tried to install a old network card for some time now and have failed to get the required drivers for windows 7. One day when i got home my screen was blue with a error. I quickly read that "A hardware has been either corrupted or it doesn't have the correct drivers". So i removed my case and removed the network card. I then switched my computer on again but nothing will display on my screen. My graphics card fan , gpu fan is spinning and I got my 550 watt power supply 6 months ago so I cant think that that is the problem. I have replaced my graphics card with my old one and that didn't work either. I have disconnected my hard drives one for one which didn't make any difference. Any idees?

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April 23, 2011 at 11:21:53
I'm going to assume that you don't get any beeps as you didn't mention anything like that. A few suggestions comes to mind:

1) Try booting with another monitor to make sure the problem is not just in your display (though it's unlikely it's easy to test if you have the monitor)

2) BIOS rescue disk or CMOS-jumper or -battery reset. In case your BIOS is corrupted for some reason. (Search online for instructions)

3) The last resort: Take out all devices that you don't need to get the computer running (Leave only: Mobo, CPU, PSU). If this works and you get a POST beep(s) then you can pretty much rule out Mobo, CPU and PSU. Then just add a one at a time the parts you removed. (Start with memory and GPU) You should be able to identify the culprit this way.

I hope this helps.

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