Scratchy sounds on burned songs to hard drive

March 23, 2011 at 12:34:46
Specs: Windows XP
Help! I was reading some forums on some of the various oddities with song quality and I have something similiar, but different. After burning some songs from CD to my PC, they sound scratchy on all mediums. In some of my research, I think I may have found what the problem could be, but would like to have input from you. As I was copying the songs from a cd into my library, I was also copying the songs from the last cd that I had copied to my ipod. So I am thinking that by doing both at the same time, it MAY HAVE caused the scratchy distortion in the song(s) that were currently being copied from the CD drive.

Could this be it?

Help. (laptop, windows xp)


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March 23, 2011 at 12:54:08
Yes it could be the problem. What program are you using to rip the CD's?

Not to be rude but instead of playing guessing games why didn't you just try ripping the CD's again and verify it yourself?

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March 23, 2011 at 13:14:15
Im using Itunes to copy from my Cd's. I burned somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 CD's and because not every song is impacted, it would have been a guess whether or not that worked without re-copying all of them. So I was hoping that someone else may have had this issue and could confirm what I thought. I saw in other forums that it could be settings for the copy or a corrupt cd driver for other issues and just wanted to see what the experts thought would be a good starting point.

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March 23, 2011 at 16:32:46
I'm not a big fan of iTunes, it's a real resource hog so it could very well be the problem. You say not all of them are impacted, do you see a pattern on the files that are corrupted such as are the bad ones at the beginning or the end of the disc? Are the discs that are producing bad songs dirty or scratched at all? You could also try a different ripping program like Cdex. It's always been very reliable for me. Make sure you have no other programs running while you are ripping, as they could be eating up resources and causing problems.

PS. I wasn't asking you to rip all of them again, just the bad ones. If they came out clear this time it would have verified the problem was with ripping and copying at same time.

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